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Thank you to all Orange County United Way Pandemic Relief Fund donors:

Lyons-Smith Family Foundation $500,000

Anonymous $500,000

City of Anaheim $500,000

Anonymous $300,000

Automobile Club of Southern California $296,895

The Stephen G. Oswald & Regina Oswald Foundation $250,000

The Ducommun Foundation $215,000

St. Jude Medical Center $200,000

Wells Fargo $125,000

Homeful Foundation $100,000

Edwards Lifesciences $100,000

Pacific Life Foundation $100,000

Mission Hospital $100,000

UBS $82,500

Albertsons Companies Foundation $75,000

Linda and Mike Mussallem $75,000

Anonymous  $60,000

Anonymous $50,000

Anonymous $50,000

Anonymous $50,000

City National Bank $50,000

Health Funders Partnership $50,000

Insperity $50,000

SoCalGas $50,000

The Allergan Foundation $50,000

Adrian and Kristen Griggs $45,000

The Podlich Family Fund $40,000

Orange County United Way $35,000

Burns & McDonnell $33,000

Avanir Pharmaceutical, Inc $32,202

Leatherby Family Foundation $30,000

Max and Artyn Gardner  $25,430

Sentry $25,000

Anonymous $25,000

Anonymous $25,000

Anonymous  $25,000

Anonymous  $25,000

Ingram Micro Inc. $25,000

Nationwide Foundation $25,000

The Tarsadia Foundation   $25,000

U.S. Bank $25,000

Behr Paint Company $20,000

Curci Fund $20,000

Deloitte $20,000

Anonymous $20,000

Anonymous $15,000

Anonymous $15,000

The Alcon Foundation  $15,000

Comerica $13,000

3M $11,500

Anonymous $10,000

Anonymous $10,000

Kristen Allison $10,000

Michael Ray $10,000

Chahira Solh  $10,000

Daniel A. Sasse and Anne M. Brafford $10,000

Gregory Burden and Sherri Bovino, Owl Foundation $10,000

Karen and Scott Sherman  $10,000

Steve and Cinda Churm $10,000

Thomas and Bonnie Abate $10,000

UPS West Region  $10,000

AT&T $8,366

Darryl and Karla Button $7,500

The OC Marathon $7,116

The Nguyen Families, Advance Beauty College $6,500

KPMG LLP $6,000

Jacqueline and Robert Akerblom $6,000

Anonymous $5,000

Anonymous $5,000

Bill & Kathryn Rooklidge $5,000

DADA Family $5,000

Edward Matching for Lan Nguyen $5,000

Erin Schwarz $5,000

Kristen Allison $5,000

Mark Ward & Melinda Williams $5,000

Masco Corp (Brasstech Inc.) $5,000

Returning Home Foundation $5,000

Victoria and David Collins $5,000

William and Carolyn Beaver $5,000

Winifred Rhodes $5,000

Anonymous $2,500

Anonymous  $2,500

Lawrence R. and Sandra C. Armstrong $5,000

Clayton Friedman $5,000

Erin Schwarz $5,000

Fluor Corporation $5,000

Lan Nguyen  $5,000

Lisa and Mark Locklear $5,000

Mark and Laurie Henigan  $5,000

Michele D. Johnson $5,000

Randy and Anne Moore $4,000

Anonymous $3,500

Kien Nguyen $3,000

Minh Nguyen $3,000

John and Renee Simonis $3,000

Rao and Rani Varanasi  $3,000

Chris and Tina Norton  $3,000

Tam and Linh Nguyen, Advance Beauty College $3,000

Steven Mihaylo and Lois Mihaylo $2,500

Scott Ullem $2,500

Donna Hansen  $2,500

Gabriel Steffens  $2,500

Jordan Nguyen (Shamik) Nguyen $2,500

FM Global Los Angeles $2,457

Annie Stoeckmann $2,000

Catherine Drees $2,000

Dennis Paquette $2,000

Therese DeGroot $2,000

Anonymous $2,000

Peter Hitch  $2,000

Rao and Rani Varanasi  $2,000

Michael Zeller $2,000

Nisha Verma $1,720

Adam and Rochelle Karr $1,510

Shirley and Steve Quackenbush $1,500

Stacey Von Berg $1,500

California Antiques Senior Hockey League Inc. $1,500

Pinner Construction $1,500

Jim Scheinkman and Cindy Eden $1,300

Mei Sung $1,250

Edward Matching for Mark Downie $1,200

Eileen Padberg $1,125

Anonymous $1,000

Ha Duong $1,000

Mseafood Corp $1,000

Viet Pham $1,000

Mayumi Allison $1,000

The Vivrette Family $1,000

Anonymous $1,000

Bill & Kelly Campbell $1,000

Christopher and Felice McGrath $1,000

Ellen Gordon $1,000

Greg McKhann $1,000

Gregory Custer $1,000

Madeleine and Tim Clyde $1,000

Mark and Kathleen Costa $1,000

Robert McBride $1,000

Sinan Kanatsiz $1,000

Temple Beth Sholom $1,000

Terry Theologides and Deb Rodriguez $1,000

Veronica Gray $1,000

John Valenta $1,000

Anonymous $1,000

Anonymous $1,000

Anonymous $1,000

Anonymous  $1,000

Anonymous  $1,000

Anonymous  $1,000

Anonymous  $1,000

Anonymous  $1,000

Douglas Wilson $1,000

Harlan and Susan Arita  $1,000

Marsha and Kevin Jennings  $1,000

Max and Artyn Gardner  $1,000

Sherri Bovino $1,000

Suzanne Fradette  $1,000

Theodore and Lusiana Chang  $1,000

Anonymous $1,000

Anonymous $1,000

Terry Theologides and Deb Rodriguez $1,000

Smartlink $1,000

Correia Consulting Design $1,000


If you live in Orange County, find out what resources are available to you and your family during these difficult times whether you work with a service provider already or not.


As the nation responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, help is needed to support United Way’s nonprofit partners who provide essential services to those who are food and housing insecure.


Help to bring much-needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to our local healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and other front-line service providers. #NailingIt


Thank You To Our Pandemic Relief Fund Donors!

A great corporate partner success story

A great success story

A great Doing More story


United Way has teamed up with Salesforce to create the first-ever window into your company’s social impact — managing donations, volunteer time and matching gifts in one place. Introducing Philanthropy Cloud, a state of the art platform where your employees can engage with causes, host fundraisers, connect with nonprofits, track organize volunteer hours, and measure social impact — all while aligning with your Corporate Social Responsibility plan and goals.

Our 10-year FACE 2024 Goals

In 2014, we shared a bold vision. Outlining four goals that target the most critical, interconnected challenges we face as a community, we named it FACE 2024. It has helped us mobile the caring power of our community to Fund, Advocate, Collaborate and Educate to transform lives and reach these goals.

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