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Empower Children and Families in Need, One Neighborhood at a Time

Empower Children And Families In Need, One Neighborhood At A Time

Within Orange County’s 34 cities, there are many schools that do not have the resources they need to holistically meet the needs of their students or families. To address this, United Way’s Women’s Philanthropy Fund recently raised $275,000 at their annual breakfast to open a new SparkPoint OC Center at Paul Revere Elementary School in Anaheim, helping students and their families thrive.

Buoyed by the success of the two school-based centers that United Way opened in Anaheim in 2014, this initiative will offer an integrated approach to addressing many issues that children and their families face through an array of programs, including a path to permanent housing, financial capability building, quality health care, nutritious food, after-school programs and parent education classes. With all of these services under one roof, the ultimate goal is to improve students’ educational outcomes.

“By continuing to provide services and support to families through public schools as neighborhood hubs, we will increase their education, housing and financial stability through a range of services and we can empower children and families in need, one neighborhood at a time,” said Brenyale Toomer-Byas, Director of Housing and Income at United Way.

To learn more about Paul Revere School, watch this short video or find out how you can get involved with our initiatives by contacting BrenyaleT@UnitedWayOC.org. View photos from our recent Women’s Philanthropy Breakfast.

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