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Hydration Stations: Drinking from the Fountains for Health

Hydration Stations: Drinking From The Fountains For Health

Something cool, healthy and refreshing is happening at our local elementary schools: the installation of hydration stations.

These highly visible hydration stations give students easy access to great tasting, purified, temperature-regulated water as a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. By encouraging students to make smart choices and drink more water, research shows:

  • The amount of water consumed each day plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body and improving cognitive function.
  • Students perform better in school when they are emotionally and physically healthy.
  • Students miss fewer classes, have better concentration, and achieve higher test scores.

Hydration stations are awarded to local schools by Orange County United Way, in conjunction with our corporate partners, as part of United Way’s Healthy Schools Initiative.

Already this year we have Allergan to thank for their impactful and generous sponsorship of two new hydration stations: one at Wilson Elementary, the other at Pacific Drive Elementary. As an active partner and contributor to many local initiatives, Allergan is committed to endeavors that improve the health and quality of life in our community.

Students Gain from United Way’s Healthy Schools Initiative

United Way is dedicated to increasing the number of healthy Orange County youth by one-third by 2024. To achieve our goal, we advocate and invest our resources to improve school environments via our Healthy Schools Initiative.

The Healthy Schools Initiative’s Hydration Station effort is off to a great start. Thanks to The Allergan Foundation, we have funding for two new hydration stations: one already installed at Wilson Elementary in Costa Mesa and another one will be installed at Pacific Drive Elementary in Fullerton later this month.


Water, Water Everywhere — The Healthy Drink Campaign

To bring further awareness of healthier beverage alternatives to students, Orange County United Way’s Health Coalition is seeking local school participation in the Healthy Drink Campaign — a 2-week, school-wide educational campaign focusing on decreasing obesity by decreasing the consumption of high-calorie drinks. Tips for drinking more water, taking a pledge to Rethink Your Drink, Water Tastings and refillable bottles are part of the campaign’s activities.

Water truly is the foundation for a healthy life. Join United Way’s Healthy School Initiative or the Healthy Drink Campaign visit our site. To donate, simply text WATER to 40403 or make a financial contribution by clicking the button below.

Help us put more hydration stations — the fountains for health — into our local schools!

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