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Meet Irma: Determined to Become Financially Stable

Meet Irma: Determined To Become Financially Stable

When Irma was unexpectedly evicted from her apartment, she was on her own with two small children to support. She lost her home and her financial footing, but she never lost her determination to become financially stable.

When she asked for assistance at her daughter’s elementary school, United Way’s SparkPoint OC was there. The program provided one-stop financial education and a caring coach who helped Irma learn budgeting and planning skills. Since Irma loves to cook, her coach showed her how buying chicken and vegetables at the grocery store and preparing meals compares to the cost of fast food.

Irma insists that SparkPoint OC changed her life. She thinks about money differently now and has become financially stable. She’s focused on the future, and is saving to send her daughters to college.

Irma and her kids - becoming financially stable

Today, Irma works from home, generating a steady income by cooking Mexican specialties and appetizers for family and friends. She also makes custom jewelry at night and when the girls are in school. She hopes to someday open a community kitchen where she’ll teach other single mothers to cook. Irma says they’ll make their own money and learn to be successful. Most importantly, she says, they will never feel alone.

To help other Orange County families like Irma and support United Way’s programs like SparkPoint OC, please consider making a financial contribution.

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