Even though Orange County has a reputation for good health, recent health statistics reveal more than one-third of our children are overweight or obese. Active, healthy children are too vital to our community to let them fall victim to hunger, malnourishment, chronic illness and depression.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Together, we can reverse this trend by supporting programs that bolster healthy, preventive behaviors that pay off for youth, families and our community.

At United Way, we invest and direct our efforts at increasing the number of healthy youth by reducing childhood obesity and hunger and promoting access to healthcare. By improving standards of health, children and families can enjoy a greater quality of life.

Providing Access to Nutritious Choices and Increased Physical Activity

One of our FACE 2024 goals is to increase by 1/3 the number of healthy youth in Orange County by the year 2024.

We will achieve this by collectively amplifying our efforts across the community. Taking action to increase access to nutritious food, enabling more spaces for physical exercise and play for children, and promoting healthcare awareness are all activities generating healthy outcomes for Orange County residents.


Reducing Hunger

We help remove the worry of where a child or parent’s next meal is coming from through food distribution programs with OC Food Bank and Second Harvest so more people eat healthy meals.

And thanks to Waste Not OC, excess food from restaurants, events and catering firms is redistributed to those in need, ensuring more families have access to wholesome food.


Childhood Obesity Prevention

Working families often don’t have time to make or can’t afford wholesome food choices for their kids. And when their children don’t have access to safe, active play, adequate exercise and a healthy body image affect them socially and physically.

Our childhood obesity prevention programs target healthy eating habits and greater physical activity. Many OC families see positive changes in their children’s lives through our partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana, Child Guidance Center, Kid Healthy, Latino Health Access and Serving Kids Hope.


Increasing Access to Healthcare

When children and families don’t have access to healthcare, they’re likely making costly trips to the ER. That’s why we are determined to make it easier for children and adults to access healthcare for preventive primary care.

Orange County United Way At Work


Improving Health

Addressing hunger with innovative, sustainable food distribution programs to reduce hunger while promoting healthy lives
Did you know

Did you know...

More than 300,000 OC residents don’t know where their next meal is coming from Learn more...


Childhood Obesity

Preventing childhood obesity by targeting healthy eating and physical activity among OC’s young people
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Did you know...

A lack of nutritious food during childhood can have lasting physical effects Learn more...


Covered OC / Covered CA

Raising awareness of the advantages, programs and enrollment periods for signing up for health insurance
Did you know

Did you know...

People without access to healthcare often rely on emergency care to treat conditions, often suffering severe outcomes due to infections and unmanaged chronic illnesses Learn more...

Success Stories

Brandon Health

During our summer Fit Club, one of our students showed up 20 of the 24 days. Over the course of the program he lost 11 pounds, grew close to an inch and improved in every statistical fitness test we had. We’re grateful United Way believes in this program. It’s making a measurable difference!

— Brandon , Lead Fitness Trainer/Outreach Coordinator, Serving Kids Hope