We love it when Orange County residents benefit from our Health initiatives to reduce hunger, prevent childhood obesity and increase access to quality health care.

By growing a stronger community one person at a time, we are building momentum towards our FACE 2024 Health goal: to increase the number of healthy youth by one-third in Orange County by 2024.

Enjoy reading these success stories!


Strength that inspires

Get to know Ana, an exceptional mother with gestational diabetes, as she shares about her journey with MOMS Orange County and how, by improving her diet and exercise regiment, she was able to eradicate her diabetes.

Jackelin & Jordan

From a one to a ten in physical fitness

Jackelin, 6, entered The Fit Clubâ„¢ Program as a shy child, then quickly advanced from one sit up and pushup to 10 of each! Jordan, 12, over the course of the summer, lost 11 pounds and gained a more positive self-image.


A healthy start

Maria suffered from severe depression while simultaneously trying to provide for her young children. Thanks to programs funded by Orange County United Way, Maria surfaced from her depression and became a stronger, more stable parent.


Small steps to independence

Dylan was born prematurely, arriving 15 weeks early at less than 2 lbs. At 17 months old, he was not walking. His therapist fitted him with specialized shoe inserts and today, Dylan is going up and down stairs, well on his way to a more mobile future.


Overcoming obstacles and standing strong

Christine is a survivor, a shining example of what happens when people come together to help people get back on their feet and on the path to improved health.