Boost performance and thrive in today’s purpose-driven economy. Nowadays, people are searching for something beyond themselves. As a result, employees are looking for jobs that provide purpose, and consumers shop brands that care about social, environmental, and cultural issues.

Effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now a business imperative. It informs the way we will do business – today and in the years to come.

Orange County United Way is proud to offer for-profit companies this exclusive 2-half-day CSR training with world class experts to help your business remain competitive while inspiring positive change.

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April 14 and 21, 2023 | 8:00 am to 12:00 pm



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Did you know?

  • The percentage of shoppers who consider a product’s environmental impact doubled over the last decade, from under 25% to over 50%.
  • Lack of purpose has climbed to the number one spot as the main reason why people quit their jobs.
  • Over two-thirds of global institutional investors apply CSR criteria in their investment decisions.

In This CSR Training

You will learn how to implement high-impact CSR strategies and tactics that will direct purpose, connection, and action to accelerate business potential.

  • Discover today’s CSR trends and why they matter
  • Learn how to build a highly effective CSR strategy
  • Enrich your leadership approach to social impact

Our Distinguished CSR Speakers

Our distinguished speakers include prominent figures who have successfully developed and implemented CSR efforts into their companies. They will share their CSR journey and offer advice based on personal challenges and achievements.

Rose | CSR Training

Rose Rogers
Chief People Officer
Romeo Power

Rose Rogers serves as Romeo Power’s Chief People Officer. Ms. Rogers brings over 30 years of diverse human resources experience to the senior leadership team, with proven expertise in steering organizations through both periods of accelerated growth as well as business transformations, global manufacturing, union and non-unionized operations, and aligning a Company’s human resources strategy with its business strategy.
Prior to joining Romeo Power, Ms. Rogers served as the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Ducommun Incorporated in Santa Ana, California. Ms. Rogers holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and Management from California State University, Long Beach.
Mike | CSR Training

Michael A. Johnson

Senior Vice President, Member Services
Automobile Club of Southern California

Mike Johnson began his career with the Automobile Club of Southern California in 2001 as the Vice President of Marketing. He subsequently assumed responsibility for Product Management in 2003 and was promoted to Senior Vice President Member Services in 2005. As the Senior Vice President of Member Services he is responsible for Branch Offices, Call Center Operations, and Roadside Services. He also has responsibility for the Automotive Services and Travel business lines.
Mike has served on numerous association committees, including the Member Services Business Committee and the Membership Business Committee. He Chaired the Teen Safe Driving Strategy Task Force, the Identity Theft Task Force and the Discount Subcommittee and currently serves on the Accreditation Committee.

He is a member of the Orange County United Way Board and is a past member of the UCLA Alumni Board. Mike is a graduate of UCLA with a BA in Psychology.

Bea | CSR Training

Bea Boccalandro
Global CSR Expert & Author

Bea Boccalandro is the author of Do Good At Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing, which was selected by three-time New York Times bestselling author and Wharton professor Adam Grant as one of his 30 book recommendations.

Bea also founded and runs VeraWorks, a global firm that advises companies on their social purpose efforts, and teaches corporate social purpose at Georgetown University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Bea’s clients include Aetna, Allstate, Bank of America, Caesars Entertainment, Disney, Eventbrite, FedEx, HP, John Hancock, IBM, Levi’s, PwC, TOMS Shoes, and Toyota.

Livi | CSR Training

Livi Kerszenbaum
Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
Orange County United Way

Livi is the Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange County United Way. She is committed to developing thoughtful solutions that transform resources, manpower and passion into long-term business value and sustainable social impact.
Having worked in both the profit and nonprofit arenas, she brings a unique lens to the nexus of business, purpose and people.

Her enthusiasm for being a change-maker stems from her previous work as a Washington D.C. Lobbyist for clean, green renewable energy technologies, a Business Development Officer in aerospace manufacturing and her adventures across the globe, where a great appreciation for kindness blossomed.

Livi received an MBA from UC Irvine with a specialty in consumer behavior and marketing management, an International Business certificate from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and a BA from UC San Diego where she completed a year abroad at Melbourne University in Australia.

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If you have any questions about this CSR training, please contact Livi Kerszenbaum via LiviK@UnitedWayOC.org or 949.263.6167.

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