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Covered Orange County (OC) is a United Way-led collaborative of service agencies, businesses and government representatives dedicated to supporting successful healthcare access and coverage through Covered California for all OC residents. The Covered OC Collaborative provides countywide support for healthcare enrollment service providers by offering a platform to share and distribute information that includes – but is not limited to – advocacy, outreach, education, enrollment and retention, as well as to assist with the utilization of services. The Covered OC Collaborative builds capacity by leveraging the expertise of every organizational member in reaching and working with diverse groups that include the uninsured, under-insured, underserved, low-income and non-English speaking/limited proficiency and non-native populations.

Covered California / Covered Orange County

The Covered OC Collaborative

  • Serves as a communication platform for consistent and factual information to promote relevant stakeholders’ understanding of the ever-changing healthcare landscape and implications for policy implementation.
  • Advocates for strong local policy on the public health and economic benefits of healthcare access for all Orange County residents.
  • Disseminates materials and tools to better equip Collaborative members and their partners to enroll and retain healthcare consumers.
  • Sets internal benchmarks, best practices and evaluation measures to increase efficacy of all Collaborative members.

About Covered CA

California’s Healthcare Insurance Exchange

Covered California helps Californians buy low-cost coverage from quality health plans. On Covered California’s consumer website you can:

Covered CA Special Enrollment

Have you had a qualifying life event? In most cases, you have 60 days from the date of the qualifying life event to enroll in a health insurance plan or change your existing plan through Covered California.

Orange County United Way’s Certified Enrollment Counselor can assist you answering your questions and enrolling you for health coverage that is right for you and your family.

To make an appointment or for questions, please contact Martha Patarroyo via email or by phone at 949.263.6155 or her cell phone at 714.308.1022.

Success Stories

The value of health care is evident daily at United Way. One recent enrollee, Masako was eight months pregnant and awaiting the birth of her second child when we met her. On top of the usual concerns any couple has when they’re expecting, Masako was near tears as she considered her family’s tenuous coverage situation. Her husband had employee-only health insurance through his employer but the family plan was unaffordable. With her due date fast approaching, Orange County United Way helped her enroll in a plan that was right for her and her family.

Maria Success Story United Way

As a cancer survivor, now I am able to purchase insurance through Covered California and don’t have to pay those high premiums due to a pre-existing condition.


Contact Us

To make an appointment or for questions, please contact Martha Patarroyo via email or by phone at 949.263.6155 or her cell phone at 714.308.1022.


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