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It’s remarkable that, as much as we all love living here in Orange County, our county ranks second in the state for food insecurity. One in four of our children go hungry each day.

Meanwhile, without proper physical activity and nutritional education, more than one-third of our children are overweight or obese and in Stanton, the rate is as high as 51%.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make a difference in the lives of our less fortunate neighbors. To reduce the number of hungry children, we are fighting hunger through innovative food provisioning, sound nutrition programs and fun physical activity. We encourage parents to get more involved in their children’s daily food choices while engaging them in health literacy and access to quality health care.

Raising healthier children and families—part of our overall goal to build a more vibrant and economically productive community.

Orange County United Way At Work

United Way is dedicated to reducing childhood obesity and advocating for healthy children by investing and directing our efforts with local partners in several key initiatives:

Innovative food provisioning

The OC Food Bank’s fresh produce and food distribution programs supply USDA commodities, federal-fund purchased food, and donated food to over 400 local charities, kitchens and community organizations serving low-income families and individuals

Waste Not OC provides innovative, sustainable ways of reducing hunger and food waste in Orange County by acquiring and repurposing food donated by local grocery stores and supermarket chains, food manufacturers and distributors, restaurants, trade shows, food recovery and harvesting efforts from hydroponic and community gardens

Access to fresh and healthy food choices

Engaging parents and school children in health and wellness programs that measurably improve nutrition, healthy food choices and eating habits

Encouraging at-risk families to locate and visit full-service grocery stores where residents can buy healthy foods

Childhood obesity prevention strategies

Providing health and physical fitness education with mealtime intervention, behavioral coaching and nutritional techniques prevents childhood obesity

Prevention and treatment of nutrition-related problems in children and their families using a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals

Planned after-school activities for children and youth living in high-risk environments, where children learn about the importance of nutrition, physical activity and injury prevention

Increased physical activity

Promoting healthier lifestyles among OC’s young people with fun, daily physical fitness programs, ensuring that kids understand the value of exercise and the importance of fun

Healthy literacy for parents

Educating families on the importance of physical activity, how to read food labels to make healthier choices, and understanding how to utilize their health insurance benefits

Access to quality health care

Raising awareness of preventative care and the advantages of health insurance through Covered California and the Affordable Care Act

Success Stories

Every day we see people who are so relieved that they have healthcare in place. I LIVE UNITED because I believe in a healthier community.

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