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Youth Career Connections Summer Internship Program offers students real work experience where they apply education learning at a one-of-a- kind high school internship opportunity at one of many exciting career pathways.
In a win-win partnership students over the summer, get a workplace insider’s view where they enhance their technical, critical thinking, and communication skills to prepare them for the future workforce. While employers are able to build and recruit from a local talent pipeline, increase
employee morale, and enhance their company’s stewardship and brand visibility in our local community.

Together we can help the next generation of youth graduate both college and career ready.

Meet our 2017 Youth Career Connections Summer Interns

OC Labor Federation Interns

Rosalinda R.
Los Amigos High

"With this internship, I am able to experience new things and get out of my comfort zone. I will be able to prove to myself what I can do. That will be worthwhile legacy."

Laura R.
Bolsa Grande High

"The United Way internship will help me move a step forward to my future. I will gain new work experience. It will make me stand out in college applications"

Miguel M.
Los Amigos High

"By improving on my self confidence and self esteem, I believe I can be a useful asset to any industry."

Luis B.

Los Amigos High

"I want to succeed in life. That is why I am participating in this internship and developing new skills."

Aracely A.

Santiago High

FirstService Residential Interns

Ashley V.
Rancho Alamitos HS

"Through this internship I hope to gain experience and obtain motivation to make a change that would not only benefit myself in the long run, but the people around me- my community."

Jared F.
Los Amigos High

UNITE HERE Local 11 Interns

Yolanda R.
Los Amigos High

"This internship is teaching me valuable skills that will benefit me for the real world; it will allow me to see growth in myself physically and mentally."

Darinka G.
Santiago High

"This internship will not only help me build my resume and future, but it will also give me the upper hand over the competition out there."

Psomas Interns

Edward P.
Santiago High

Kathynhu N.
Bolsa Grande High

"I have explored and researched different fields to find my true passion. I know that I am not going to find it right away, but this internship will help me."

Jenny N.
Rancho Alamitos High School

"My end goal with being in this internship is to strengthen my communication skills and hopefully be more confident in myself."

SM & A Interns

Andrew P.
Pacifica High

BaoVan L.
Bolsa Grande High

"My dream is to attend UCI. This internship will help me build my college application. I will also benefit from it by giving a wonderful experience and build new skills."

Pacific Premier Bank Intern

Kimberly B.
Rancho Alamitos High

"My dream is to go to USC or UC Berkeley, get a scholarship, and major in marketing. I hope that I can do more for my mother... one day."

Ware Malcomb Intern

Danny V.
Bolsa Grande High

"I hope to become a computer engineer in a UC university to further my knowledge and I am excited to be part of the internship to understand what the path entails for me in the future."

Cielo Intern

Jessie D.
Los Amigos High

"I aspire to change the educational system in less privileged or 'looked down' communities, like mine. With this internship, I hope to learn and discover myself in a new environment."

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