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Youth Career Connections Summer Internship Program offers students real work experience through a one-of-a-kind high school internship opportunity that allows them to explore many exciting career pathways.
In a win-win partnership students over the summer, get a workplace insider’s view where they enhance their technical, critical thinking, and communication skills to prepare them for the future workforce. While employers are able to build and recruit from a local talent pipeline, increase
employee morale, and enhance their company’s stewardship and brand visibility in our local community.

Together we can help the next generation of youth graduate both college and career ready.


Active Learning Interns

Beatrice P.
Rancho ALamitos High

"My experiences taught me patience and organization. These skills will definitely help me in my future goals of becoming a pediatrician."

Kimberly E.
Santiago High

"I hope that someday, these skills will help me find my career choice. For now I enjoy the quote, “get comfortable being uncomfortable” as it motivates me to achieve my goals."

Advance Beauty College Interns

Cody T.
La Quinta High

“My goal is to be a video game designer, by taking this internship opportunity I would gain the knowledge and experience that will bring me close to that goal”

Antis Roofing & Waterproofing Interns

Conrad V.
La Quinta High

“I wanted to push myself even harder so I decided to take this internship opportunity to gain the tools to be successful.”

CIELO Interns

Shan Shan L.
La Quinta High

"This internship has shown me how to perform professionally in the workforce. I'm grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to understand how a company develops and markets itself."

City Hall of Westminster Interns

Michelle H.
Bolsa Grande High

"This internship let me grow and learn more about myself so that I could become successful in doing what I love."

Community Health Initiative of Orange County Interns

Silvia G.
Santiago High

"I don't regret anything that has happened to me. I don't regret because I have the knowledge I have today. I am able to help other students who suffer."

FirstService Residential Interns

Anne N.
Rancho Alamitos High

"This internship will enhance my leaderships skills and help me plan out my future."

Kathryn B.
Pacifica High

"I was able to refine my work habits and overall experience a whole lot."

Kimberly R.
Pacifica High

"Having this internship will grant me so many more opportunities and the business experience I need to seek for a better future."

L3Harris Technologies Interns

Khoi N.
La Quinta High

"This internship let me demonstrate that I have the capabilities to succeed based on my own work ethic and my own merits instead of that of my sisters. With the internship program, I was finally be able to feel like me."

Matthew M.
Pacifica High

"I need to prioritize my ambition and goals. With this internship I can practice and build the skills needed to become an engineer."

Thomas N.
La Quinta High

"Thomas plans to use his internship opportunity as a stepping stone toward his career goals of being an astronaut."

Mohr Partners Inc. Interns

Anahi P.
Rancho Alamitos High

"If I joined this internship, I would be taking major steps towards my future career goals."

Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) Interns

Janet L.
Bolsa Grande High

"With this internship, I was able to expand my horizon and put myself out there."

Orange County United Way Interns

Andrew P.
La Quinta High

"When I saw this professional internship opportunity, I knew it was a great way to express my new-found interest in techonology. With this, I hope to continue my career pathway and become one of the leaders which carve the world into a better place."

Joyce L.
Bolsa Grande High

"Through my internship my perspective on our communities grew. Now I feel confident going into the workforce with the tools I've gained."

Project Vietnam Foundation Interns

Hallie H.
Pacifica High

"The workshops that they gave us gave me the courage to run for an officer position in marching band."

Sydney P. Intern
La Quinta High

"I loved that I got the chance to work in a professional environment as well as learn how to use programs like photoshop."

Katelynn T.
La Quinta High

"Through this internship, I showed my parents and others that I can thrive in a professional environment and succeed in life despite my appearance."

SM&A Interns

Alan L.
Garden Grove High

" I strongly believe that this Professional Internship will help me sharpen my skills to format and structure my career goals.."

Jenifer P.
Garden Grove High

"Through this internship, I found something that I enjoy and have a passion for."

UCI Health Interns

Darlene B.
Garden Grove High

"I pursued this internship for professional experience in the medical field which would contribute to my ultimate goal of being a nurse practitioner specialized in psychology."

Khan N.
Los Amigos High

"This experience was an amazing opportunity for insight on the medical field. The relations made are priceless."

UNITE HERE Local 11 Interns

Angel P.
Rancho Alamitos High

"I was able to grow my communications skills so that I can one day become a surgeon."

Sabrina N.
La Quinta High

"Sabrina is excited to work at UNITE HERE Local11 for the next four weeks."

Ware Malcomb Interns

Austin T.
Pacifica High

"I came into this internsip hoping to find direction in where I want to take my life. Through it I learned that I prefer to work in a job where the workplace is like a team. A team where I am not alone and know I can count on others."

Joy C.
Pacifica High

"Through this internship I showed that I can pave my own future and be successful in what I love to do, and to show that there are pathways to success other than attending prestigious schools and fulfilling high-paying jobs."

Waste Not OC Coalition Interns

Steven T.
Bolsa Grande High

"I have taken on this internship and other leadership positions in an effort to establish a better future for myself, to secure a rest for my father."

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