We believe that by strengthening the health of our men, women and children, we can strengthen the health of our overall community. Studies find that improved standards of health lead not only to greater life expectancies, but also to increased overall economic productivity and output. Even minor illnesses can be a major financial burden for people in our community—and health problems in our youth lead to school absences, which is an early predictor for dropping out of high school.

To combat some of the situational issues that prevent our neighbors in need from reaching self-sufficiency, we have partnered with the following community change agents:

Because we believe a healthy society leads to a healthy community, the time has come for us to FACE the facts and commit to making OC’s next generation the healthiest in the nation. Here’s how you can help our community FACE this issue:

Fund our community’s access to food programs and low-cost medical resources for vulnerable populations
Advocate for healthy environments, nutritional education programs and increased physical activity
Collaborate to increase the number of healthy youth in OC by one-third by 2024
Educate kids as a fitness/nutrition mentor in a local school and join the conversation as a member of our Health Coalition

Click here for more information on our current Health funding opportunity in support of FACE 2024.

Help improve the overall health of Orange County by considering a gift to United Way's Community Impact Fund today for the betterment of our children, our economy, our community and ourselves.

You in?