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A child’s life–full of discovery, of energy, of questions about the world around them. Active healthy children are too vital to our community to let them fall victim to hunger, malnourishment or childhood obesity. And the same is true for adults. The stats:

  • In some OC neighborhoods the childhood obesity rate is as high as 51%.*
  • A lack of nutritious food during childhood can have lasting physical effects
  • Nearly 300,000 of our residents don't know where their next meal is coming from

Here’s what we’re doing about…

Fighting Hunger

We help remove the worry of where a child or parent’s next meal is coming from through food distribution programs with OC Food Bank and Second Harvest so more people eat healthy meals.

And thanks to Waste Not OC, excess food from restaurants, events and catering firms is redistributed to those in need, further reducing food waste and hunger.

Lowering the Childhood Obesity Rate

Working families often don’t have time or access to nutritious food choices for their kids. That, combined with their children spending less time exercising, leads to less healthy lives.

Our childhood obesity prevention programs target healthy eating and physical activity. Many OC families see positive changes in their children’s lives through our partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana, Child Guidance Center, Kid Healthy, Latino Health Access and Serving Kids Hope.

Increasing Access to Healthcare

In Orange County, one in six residents does not have access to healthcare. Preventing costly trips to the ER is one of the goals of our community’s change agents in health, who make it easier for children and adults to access healthcare for preventative, primary and chronic conditions.

Our goal: Increase by 1/3 the number of healthy youth in Orange County by 2024


How you can help increase the number of healthy youth, reduce hunger and improve healthcare access

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* For more information on local health data, visit ochealthiertogether.org.