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Since 1924, Orange County United Way has been improving lives and strengthening our community by mobilizing the caring power of Orange County. We focus on the building blocks for a good quality of life by ensuring people have access to a quality Education, a sustainable Income, good Health and stable Housing. By investing in Orange County’s children, families and individuals, we help them create pathways to self-sufficient futures. Through our 10-year community-wide action plan FACE 2024, United Way partners with local businesses, community organizations, government agencies and individuals to make a measurable difference.

About Orange County United Way

We improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of Orange County—by collaborating with nonprofit agencies, corporate partners, and generous donors—to meet the greatest needs of Orange County.

By focusing on the building blocks for a self-sufficient life—Education, Income, Health and Housing—we transform the lives of our neighbors, coworkers and friends, strengthening our community.

Together, we can ensure the next generation has access to a quality education, a sustainable income, good health and stable housing.

Our Strategic Plan—FACE 2024

Since 1924, Orange County United Way has been at the forefront of health and human care services in Orange County, California. As a results-oriented nonprofit, we view our mission as one of change, not charity.

We will soon reach our 100th anniversary. We have challenged ourselves to achieve some very bold goals by 2024. Our FACE 2024 action plan—a 10-year collaborative, communitywide action plan—will change the future for the next generation of our residents.

Through FACE 2024, where we Fund, Advocate, Collaborate and Educate, United Way partners with local businesses, community organizations, government agencies and individuals, focusing on long-term solutions to the most critical challenges facing Orange County children and families:

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Changing the odds for our youth through programs to ensure they graduate and reach adulthood prepared for well-paying jobs

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Ending the cycle of generational poverty by providing money management tools, coaching and access to related social service resources

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Improving standards of health for children and families, so they can enjoy greater life expectancies and contribute to our vibrant community

Housing Icon

Raising hope and reducing homelessness in Orange County by assisting families in finding stable, permanent housing

We are UNITED4OC by mobilizing the community to achieve our goals by 2024

To achieve our FACE 2024 goals, we:

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Fund effective programs

Advocate Icon

Advocate for policy and program improvement

Collaborate Icon

Collaborate with those who have the passion, expertise and resources to get things done

Educate Icon

Educate businesses, community leaders and the public on critical local issues

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Success Stories

Ian Leisegang-Success-Story

This is a tale of two counties with serious economic and social consequences that affect each and every resident, if we do not move the needle in the right direction. I believe that United Way can change the face of Orange County, but we need your help.
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Ian Leisegang
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