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Here at Orange County United Way, we are committed to breaking barriers and improving lives for everyone who lives here. Through programming and services, we are working to ensure local underserved students succeed, struggling OC families gain financial security, and our homeless neighbors find a place to call home. We step up to actively address the critical issues facing our community and we go the extra mile to make sure our residents have the support they need. We are committed to caring for one another. Because that’s The OC Way.

Our Local Community Guarantee

Orange County United Way is a stand-alone, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The money we raise goes right back into our community impact programs, which help people right here in Orange County.

How Are We Helping Orange County Residents?

We provide programming and support through three key initiatives.

United to End Homelessness℠

United to End Homelessness is committed to ending homelessness in Orange County so that everyone in our community has a place to call home.

Stephanie, WelcomeHomeOC program beneficiary

It went wrong so quickly. But I feel good about myself now; I feel good about tomorrow. I can smile again. –Stephanie, WelcomeHomeOC beneficiary

Stephanie’s husband lost his job, they lost their home and then they separated. The 67-year-old grandmother was battling chronic health conditions and hospital stays alone, and she ended up in a homeless shelter. Our WelcomeHomeOC℠ program turned life around for Stephanie, who now lives in a stable and safe apartment in Tustin.

United for Student Success℠

United for Student Success aims to ensure Orange County students receive the support they need to stay on track in school, graduate high school on time, and are college- and career-ready.

Andres, Class of 2021 mentee

My mentor, she’s been through what I want to do, she’s experienced, she’s done it. I’m fortunate I can communicate with her when I have questions about college and even other stuff. It’s been eye-opening and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity. –Andres, Class of 2021 mentee

Andres, an Orange County student from an underserved community, is one of many to benefit from our e-Mentorship program. The eldest of three children, Andres was the first in his family to apply for college. With the pandemic adding additional stress, Andres fought to maintain high grades while also navigating the complex college application process. His United Way mentor provided the guidance and support he needed to attain his dream of attending UC Berkeley where he will study to pursue a career in government.

United for Financial Security℠

United for Financial Security is empowering Orange County families and individuals to get on the path from surviving to thriving.

Kyi, Upskill OC program beneficiary

Even when things seem impossible, there’s always, always a way that things can happen. People need to just go for it. Go for it and just watch the magic that happens. –Kyi, UpSkill OC program graduate

A single mother, Kyi worked two jobs seven days a week as a home health aide to support her daughter. With her innate drive and our UpSkill OC program, she learned medical billing and coding skills and gained the confidence to land a higher-paying job. Kyi’s new career doubled her income, stabilized her housing, and is allowing her to build a better life for herself and her child.

Community Focus and Results

We aim to create community-based and community-led solutions to address the critical issues facing Orange County. When you support our mission, you’re supporting your local community.

As a results-oriented nonprofit, we view our mission as one of change, not charity. As such, we have challenged ourselves to achieve some very bold goals by 2024. Our FACE 2024 Strategic Plan is a 10-year collaborative, communitywide action plan that will change the future for the next generation of our residents. View our latest progress in our Scorecard Report.


As part of our commitment to being accountable and transparent, we measure progress and outcomes every step of the way. Check out our Annual Report to learn more.

Interested in making a difference in your community? Find out how your business can partner with us to develop and implement an impactful Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

How You Can Get Involved

You can make a difference. Whether you lend your time, your voice, or make a donation—your actions have an impact. Even the smallest of gestures add up to effect change right here in Orange County. And when you volunteer with us, you can be sure you’ll be making a direct impact on your local community.

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