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At the start of each campaign year, Orange County United Way calls on its Corporate Partners to lend their best and brightest employees as Loaned Executives (LE’s), who give their expertise and energy to assist us in our Workplace Campaign efforts.

Be Recognized As A Leader In Improving Orange County

Our corporate partners benefit as well, gaining greater visibility within Orange County while providing significant career enrichment opportunities for loaned employees. By fulfilling their corporate social responsibility, our partners realize a social return on investment that impacts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Loaned Executives help United Way achieve our community-wide FACE 2024 goals in many ways:

By sponsoring a Loaned Executive, companies make it possible for United Way to help expand our reach to those in need; deepen our corporate and community connections; and minimize costs, allowing us to invest more dollars into programs to improve lives and strengthen the community.

Corporate Partners benefit with recognition as a leader in strengthening our community; advancing employee leadership and professional skills; enhancing working relationships with local organizations; and the satisfaction that comes from corporate community engagement.

Loaned Executives enjoy professional development; creative thinking and problem solving challenges; developing team-building and communication skills; broadening network connections with community and business leaders; and an opportunity to make a difference in the community where they live and/or work.

Our community benefits from maximizing volunteer efforts while minimizing fundraising expenses, so more dollars can be allocated to our mission work; heightened community-wide awareness of local issues; generating civic-responsibility and a new generation of leaders for United Way and its partners; and as more lives are improved, our community gets stronger and more economically stable.

See this video on how Orange County United Way Loaned Executives are United4OC.

Partner Spotlight

Fluor Corporation

“During my time as a loaned executive, I met thousands of people who care about the world. I saw first-hand that United Way bridges the gap between the corporate and non-profit world, giving many people a vehicle to tap into their generosity. This experience changed me and I hope you can experience something similar.”

—David Junco, former Loaned Executive

Start a Workplace Campaign

Join other companies who have created successful workplace campaigns to give back to their community.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

To get started today or for more information, speak with Angely Vallarta, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement, at 949.263.6117 or via email to learn more.

For corporate volunteer activities, please visit Get Connected, one-stop platform for volunteer opportunities. For individual inquiries, please contact Doug McKay, Director, Engagement Strategy, at 949.263.6125 or via email.

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