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Youth Career Connections’ workplace mentorship allows students to gain on-the-job experiences and explore career possibilities. Workplace mentorships take place over the course of four weeks between June and July (20 hours a week).
In a win-win partnership, students get a workplace insider’s view where they enhance their technical and critical thinking, as well as improve communication skills to prepare them for their future career. Employers are able to build and recruit from a local talent pipeline, increase employee morale, and enhance their company’s stewardship and brand visibility in our local community.

Together we can help the next generation of youth graduate both college and career ready.

For Businesses: Provide Workplace Mentorships

Looking for ways to inspire and invest in the future leaders of Orange County? We’re currently looking for corporate partners to host high school students at their companies for four weeks over the summer.

All students will have learned the importance of the following workforce employability skills like:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Organizational & Communication Skills
  • Self-Management & Taking Initiative
  • Social Media
  • Punctuality
  • Customer Service
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Global Fluency & Perspective

To learn more, contact Ursula Parra via email or phone 949.263.6144.

Workplace Mentorship Photos

Hear from Our Students and Mentorship Hosts

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