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It takes more than talk to ensure that our community’s children, families and individuals have access to quality education, sustainable income, good health and stable housing. It takes people of action.

From reading aloud to a kid 15 minutes a day  to community garden projects and corporate philanthropy, we have all kinds of gratifying volunteer opportunities.

No matter what experience or time you have to give, putting your skills to use will make a significant impact in your community. And you’ll feel great from the experience.

Volunteer Opportunities In Orange County

Volunteering for community service unites people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal. Here’s your chance to get involved and make a difference.Volunteer opportunities include:


  • Read Across America
  • Youth Career Conections Corporate Host
  • Career Speaker
  • Online Tutoring
  • School Supply Drive
  • Literacy Kit
  • Little Free Library


  • VITA Volunteer


  • Community Garden
  • Fit Club


  • Welcome Home Baskets
  • Shelter Volunteer

Visit our Online Volunteer Portal for additional volunteer opportunities in our community.

Contact Doug McKay, Director, Engagement Strategy at 949.263.6125 or via email to find out more or fill out the form below.

The Power of Volunteerism

Special thanks to our friends at IA Interior Architects for donating and assembling 35 literacy kits in support of the children served through Orange County United Way’s early grade reading initiatives. Your efforts will help instill in children a love ofreading as they engage in stories, develop language, learn, and expand their view of the world.

Orange County United Way is grateful to all who participated in our Day of Action volunteer event and hygiene product drive in support of our housing and homelessness efforts. Thank you for joining our fight to end homelessness in Orange County.

Our first chapter in Orange County, Student United Way at the University of California, Irvine was founded March of 2018. The student led group helps fill the volunteer needs of Orange County United Way and in return, United Way provides them with invitations to networking and professional events. They hope to develop their own programs and events to help their community in the future!

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