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We improve lives in Orange County.

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A great corporate partner success story

A great success story

A great Doing More story


United Way has teamed up with Salesforce to create the first-ever window into your company’s social impact — managing donations, volunteer time and matching gifts in one place. Introducing Philanthropy Cloud, a state of the art platform where your employees can engage with causes, host fundraisers, connect with nonprofits, track organize volunteer hours, and measure social impact — all while aligning with your Corporate Social Responsibility plan and goals.

Our 10-year FACE 2024 Goals

In 2014, we shared a bold vision. Outlining four goals that target the most critical, interconnected challenges we face as a community, we named it FACE 2024. It has helped us mobile the caring power of our community to Fund, Advocate, Collaborate and Educate to transform lives and reach these goals.

Health, Income, Health and Housing
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