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Volunteers in Orange County Directly Impact the Lives of Families, Individuals, and Students in Need

Volunteers In Orange County Directly Impact The Lives Of Families, Individuals, And Students In Need

Whether donating books to underserved children or delivering meals to families in need, there is nothing quite like the sense of community that is shared when people come together to help one another—and it’s happening every day right here in Orange County. Because that’s The OC Way.

Orange County residents are signing up for volunteer opportunities and making a powerful impact on the lives of local families, kids, and individuals in need. These volunteers are proof that we truly are stronger together and our community is better because of them.

Here at Orange County United Way, we are consistently humbled by and grateful to the incredible individuals, groups, and companies who take the time to volunteer with us and it’s always an honor to hear about their positive and inspiring volunteer experiences.

Check out how volunteers in Orange County are making a difference and improving lives in our community through these featured volunteer opportunities and experiences:

Corporate Volunteers Make an Impact with On-site Kit Assembly  

A group of 50 Word & Brown employees volunteered with us to assemble 500 hygiene kits and 100 literacy kits, which Orange County United Way distributed to people in need. Volunteers also wrote an encouraging note to go inside each kit.

Cristina Taylor-Gentile, Word & Brown associate, Volunteers in Orange County

“Hopefully, the recipients feel the support and positive thoughts all the volunteers are sending with each kit assembled. I love helping when I can and this made me feel like I’m able to make a small difference in the community. -Cristina Taylor-Gentile, Word & Brown associate

Between work, home life, and everything in between, it can be difficult to fit in all of the things we want to do. “I like volunteer work, however, sometimes we get so busy and don’t have time outside our normal schedule to help out,” said Elida Flores, HR Generalist at The Word & Brown Companies. “I liked the fact that this volunteer opportunity was at work during work hours. It’s nice to see people come together to help. Especially during these difficult, unprecedented times, people still manage to do what they can for others.”

Day of Service Volunteer Event Inspires Local Students with Art Installation

Students at Crosby Elementary in Garden Grove were excited to see the newly painted murals and read the messages of encouragement on their handball walls. In Coordination with Mr. Cooper Group Inc., and associates from their Santa Ana office, this Day of Service had a meaningful impact on students from the Title I school as well as the employees who participated.

“This experience was unique and rewarding for our team, as they were able to be together in person at a safe, outdoor event,” said Kelly Barone, Sr. Employee Programs Specialist at Mr. Cooper.

“Being able to join together and create inspirational murals that will encourage students throughout the school year was special for our team members.” –Kelly Barone

One of the messages painted on the mural was: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

“Our team shared that they enjoyed being able to express their artistic side while also making an impact, and this message was a great reminder of why volunteering is so important,” reflected Kelly.

Orange County Youth, Teah, Generously Donates Books to Encourage the Joy of Reading

Teah’s love of reading and passion for helping others inspired her voluntarily to start her own local book drive—setting up booths throughout the community. Before long, she’d collected over 1,500 books and generously donated more than 1,000 of them to Orange County United Way, to help promote early childhood literacy at local Title I Elementary Schools. Teah’s donation made books available to children who may not otherwise have access to building a home library.

“I have seen the wonderful things my favorite books have done for me, like opening my mind to new perspectives and transporting me to wonderful new places, and I want to be able to share that opportunity with others.” –Teah, OC Youth

Canyon High School Students Unite to Create Change

Canyon High School Students United - Volunteers in Orange County

Canyon High School’s Student United group of volunteers

Students at Canyon High School came together hoping to help their community and, as a result, the Canyon High School Students United group was formed.

Eager to get involved, the group participated in writing encouragement cards to families with chronically ill children, volunteered in-person for the critical food distribution event to give out meals to senior citizens and families over multiple Sundays, and helped at the Lunar New Year community event in support of American-Asian seniors and other vulnerable community members in connection with our #StopAsianHate initiative.

“You can always start somewhere—whether it’s finding organizations in your community that help people or fundraising on your own. I think it’s really important to get involved with your community and it’s so rewarding to see a smile on someone’s face when we volunteer.” -Sofi Majidi, President of Canyon High School Students United

Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers in Orange County for #DoingMore4OC and for supporting our community #TheOCWay!

Your work is inspiring, impactful, and appreciated!


Want to be part of this special circle of game-changers?

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  1. I’m looking for help for my family we’ve been struggling since 2016 after losing our son and stuck in motel living after a cruel discriminating manager kicked us out of our apt in 2015. We’ve been waiting for section 8 since 2012 now being told because of we’re I work we may not end up finally getting it when we do come and we have several loans out trying to survive cant get a better place to live because landlords are asking for ridiculous requests just to qualify like 4 to 5 times rent 700 or higher credit scores we just can’t catch a break. We really need help we live in a hooker and drug traffic in and out motel on brookhurst and lincoln. We’ve requested for things ve replaced or fixed like their mini fridge that doesn’t keep food for more than 2 days, both tvs stopped working 4 yrs ago, the bed is well over due for mattress change and the pull out couch my sons on, use to be family of 5 till as I said lost our son 2016 to a car accident, daughter got tired of waiting moved out with her boyfriend, leaving me my son and other half. If you could help us with any help be a blessing food, rent, better housing help if possible, please thank you I’ve tried ever resource We’ve gotten either don’t exist any more or don’t have funding or services cut or stopped

    1. Hi Jennifer, We are sorry to hear about your situation. In order to offer the best resources to assist you, please call/email your local 2-1-1. They will ask you questions to learn more about your specific situation so you can get the right resources.

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