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We fight for the education, health, housing and financial stability of every person in Orange County.

Our Vision

Together, we are creating brighter futures for every child and family in Orange County. We envision a community where:

  • Every Orange County youth receives a high-quality education
  • Struggling families are well on the path to financial independence
  • Our next generation is healthy and thriving
  • Homelessness for our children and their families is a thing of the past

Our FACE 2024 Goals

In 2014, Orange County United Way launched FACE 2024, a 10-year collaborative, communitywide action plan to change the future for the next generation of our residents.

FACE 2024 is focused on long-term solutions to the most critical challenges facing Orange County children and families:

  • Cutting the high school dropout rate in half
  • Reducing the percentage of financially unstable families by 25%
  • Increasing the number of healthy youth by one-third
  • Cutting the number of homeless and housing insecure children in half

To achieve these goals, we:

Fund Icon

Innovative programs that are moving the needle toward our 10-year goals

Advocate Icon

For the voiceless to ensure policy and program improvement

Collaborate Icon

With those who have the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done

Educate Icon

Businesses, community leaders and the public on the critical issues facing Orange County

UNITED4OC. Let’s FACE 2024 together.

Building a Brighter Future For Children and Families

If a child grows up in an unstable family, is unhealthy and doesn’t get a good education, chances are he or she will struggle through life—and likely rely on social services. If stably housed, better educated, ready to work and healthy, our kids will grow up more self-sufficient and able to contribute to the community in many positive ways.

Education, Income, Health & Housing—all of these are pivot points for our children and none can be accomplished without all of them being addressed.

Help us build a better future. Help us FACE 2024.

An investment in United Way helps us improve the quality of life for our children. In the process, you’ll make Orange County stronger and healthier for all of us. You can Give, Advocate, or Volunteer—best of all, do all three! Thanks for your support.

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