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To improve lives in Orange County by delivering measurable long-term solutions to complex issues in education, financial stability, health and housing.

Our Vision

An Orange County where every person receives a quality education, is financially stable, is healthy and thriving, and has a place to call home.

Our Values

Our Values are informed by our Ethos of Humanity, Equity, and Opportunity.

  • We are COMPASSIONATE. Everyone matters.
  • We value RELATIONSHIPS. We are stronger together.
  • We are ENTHUSIASTIC. We love what we do!
  • We are DRIVEN. We find solutions.
  • We are ACCOUNTABLE. We operate with integrity.

Our 3 Keys Initiatives

Our unique approach comes from an understanding that our community’s most critical issues are inter-related, and we must tackle them in an interconnected way to provide long-term solutions that break the cycle. This is why we focus on three initiatives:

United to End Homelessness

Ending homelessness in Orange County for good!

United for Financial Security

Empowering OC families to get on the path from surviving to thriving!

United for Student Success

Ensuring all OC students graduate prepared for college, career and beyond!

Our FACE 2024 2.0 Goals

FACE 2024 is our 10-year collaborative, communitywide action plan to create long term solutions to the most critical challenges facing Orange County children and families.

With two of the four original FACE 2024 goals achieved, our sights are set on next-level outcomes to improve local lives in the areas of education, health, housing and financial stability with our FACE 2024 2.0 updated goals.

  • Education:
    Increase the high school graduation rate to 95% among students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Health:
    Cut childhood obesity rate by 1/3.
  • Housing:
    End homelessness by achieving functional zero within targeted populations.
  • Income:
    Reduce family financial instability by another 25%.

To achieve these goals, we:

Fund Icon

Innovative programs that are moving the needle toward our 10-year goals

Advocate | Orange County United Way

For the voiceless to ensure policy and program improvement

Collaborate Icon

With those who have the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done

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Businesses, community leaders and the public on the critical issues facing Orange County


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