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Addressing health inequities across Orange County by enabling systems change.

Funding provided from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Equity grant aims to advance health equity, access, and wellness by being a collective, responsive, and unified voice for diverse communities working to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities to improve the lives of underserved multicultural communities. Through a collaborative approach, over the next two years Orange County United Way has been contracted with the Orange County Health Care Agency to carry out the Community Partner Engagement aspect of the CDC Health Equity grant, also referred to as Equity in OC, which includes engaging and recruiting participants, as well as administering the various funding opportunities.

Note: FAQ’s and other pertinent content will be updated on a regular basis, please check back on this page to review the most up to date information.

Year 1’s funding opportunities in support of Equity in OC will be made available in the following categories over the next several months:


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