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Tap into Orange County United Way’s Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting. Doing good is good for business, and it just got better!

United Way is uniquely suited to be your partner of choice for purpose-driven companies, delivering proprietary offerings that solve business challenges in engagement and impact. Our unparalleled and tested social impact products can help companies marry purpose and profit to build business, employee engagement, and reputation.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) consulting services meet your needs at any level of your social impact process. From refresh to reimagine and from design to implementation through reporting, let us help you transform your brand and core business excellence into purpose, passion, engagement, and social impact that makes a difference.

Through an in-house CSR management team, United Way leverages 130 years of community engagement experience to bring you social impact design, solutions, best-practices, technology, tools and programs that elevate your employee engagement and experiences, deepen your resource investments, and build a sense of pride in your stakeholders.

One of our key CSR product offerings is Philanthropy Cloud, a competitive and effective digital engagement and social impact technology that transforms the way businesses and employees get the most out of their philanthropic efforts. Philanthropy Cloud brings your CSR program into every employee’s desktop and mobile device, offering engaging ways for employees to donate, volunteer, and give back easily and in real-time.


  • Mapping your CSR vision
  • Storytelling and crafting your CSR message
  • Activating your company’s social purpose and CSR activities
  • Implementing focused and strategic programs in impact giving, employee engagement, and brand and reputation elevation
  • Social impact measurement and reporting
  • Philanthropy Cloud


The Orange County United Way consulting process is the culmination of 130+ years of experience working with businesses and the community to take a strategic approach to social impact and philanthropy. Our consulting process can be broken down into five phases or steps:


Put your social purpose at every employee’s fingertips!

Bring digital transformation to your CSR program and take employee-driven philanthropy to the next level with Philanthropy Cloud.

This social impact platform streamlines your CSR efforts and implementation, making employee activation and engagement easier and faster, as well as more fun and rewarding. With the ability to set year-round workplace giving goals, track donations and volunteer opportunities, and log volunteer hours – for every employee – Philanthropy Cloud solves what has traditionally been a burdensome and complex administration process while elevating your CSR efforts.


360+ OC businesses choose us as their partner.

We mobilize over 27,000 volunteer hours a year.

Over 750,000 residents are impacted by at least one of our programs.



We look forward to helping your company find its passion for service by developing a Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap. For more information please contact us by filling out the form below or call us at 949.263.6133.

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