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United Way is comprised of a dynamic group of leaders assembled with a vision of helping our community become a place where families thrive and neighbors care for each other. The real strength of our organization is rooted in the depth of all of our staff. Through the talent and leadership abilities held by staff at all levels of our organization, we will increase our ability to insure that all residents we serve can realize their dreams of being self-sufficient.


Susan B. Parks – President & CEO,
Dina Mirenda – Senior Executive Assistant to President & CEO,
Maria Mugica- Senior Director, People and Culture
Stacy King – Front Office Liaison

Finance & Administration

Emilee Tello – Chief Financial Officer,
Mike Greene – Vice President, Operations,
Juan Martinez – Facilities Manager
Thomas Rice – Director, Information Technology
Tim Pyon- Desktop Support Administrator
Ty Kommel – Cloud Solution Specialist
Rose Buenaventura – Senior Director, Digital Solutions
Lora Williams – CRM Manager
Julie Ortiz – Manager Digital Solutions
Alexis Juarez – Operations Coordinator
Britney de la Cruz- Operations Coordinator
Carol Kim – Senior Director, Community Investments and Evaluation
Jeff Dronkers – Evaluation Manager
Rachel O’Connell – Grants Management Specialist
Thao Ngo – Senior Director, Accounting
Sparlin Sypherd – Senior Staff Accountant
Marie Nelmida- Staff Accountant
Ben Dubow – Staff Accountant
Raymonia Dale – Senior Finance Specialist
Danny Phan – Director, Finance
Kathleen Hoang – Senior Specialist, Accounts Receivable

Community Impact

Becks Heyhoe – Executive Director, United to End Homelessness
Kristine Peters – WelcomeHomeOC Program Director
Mathew Sheehan – WelcomeHomeOC Senior Specialist
Luis Gutierrez – WelcomeHomeOC Specialist
Acsa Juarez- WelcomeHomeOC Property Engagement Specialist
William Banks – Housing Stabilization Manager
Michael Shepherd – Housing Advocacy Program Manager
Ami Lief – Senior Project Specialist, United to End Homelessness

Andrew Fahmy – Executive Director, United for Financial Security
Taylor Montano – Associate Director, United for Financial Security
Ashley Anderson- Senior Program Manager, United for Financial Security
Rosa Conde – Program Manager, United for Financial Security
Daisy Ruiz – Senior Financial Case Manager
Nancy De Leon- Financial Case Manager
Michelle De La Cruz- Financial Case Manager
Cecilia Viveros- Financial Education Specialist
Omid Missaghian – Senior Program Manager, United for Financial Security
Raven Gates – Operations Manager, OC Free Tax Prep
Maricruz Robledo-Burney – Program Manager, United for Financial Security
Wendy Perea – Coordinator
Martha Nydia Patarroyo – Certified Enrollment Counselor

Sergio Contreras – Executive Director, United for Student Success
Yahaira Ortiz – Associate Director, United for Student Success
Ursula Parra- Business Engagement & Program Specialist
Phoebe Bonfield – Education Specialist
David Dang – Education Specialist

2-1-1 Orange County

Elizabeth Andrade – Executive Director, 2-1-1 Orange County,
Amy Arambulo – Director, Community Impact
Amanda Cesneros – Senior Manager, Community Programs
Manija Ahmed – Contact Center Manager
Elizabeth Duong – Senior Specialist, HMIS
Michelle Mai – Equity, ERAP & Veterans Program Manager
Wendy Jimenez – Care Coordinator
Lileny Garcia – Child Development Care Coordinator
Yanira Cantoran – Child Development Care Coordinator
Talia Magana – Client Services Supervisor
Jeanette Hernandez – Community Navigator
Erika Vazquez – Community Navigator
Itzel Luevanos – Community Navigator
Kimberly Rivera – Enrollment Specialist
Belisa Davis – Grants Specialist
Judith Arellano – Housing Intake Specialist
Bruce Johnston – I&R Specialist
Emily Martinez – I&R Specialist
Diana Casillas – PSPS Care Coordinator
Talia Rodriguez – Resource Supervisor
Daisy Marquez-Lobato – I&R Specialist
Jennifer Jaramillo – I&R Specialist- El Modena FRC
Darla Camarillo – I&R Specialist
Gabriela Garcia – Housing Intake Specialist
Mariana Noveron – I&R Specialist Anaheim Independencia
Ingrid Hernandez Lascano – Child Development Care Coordinator
Andrew Estaris – HMIS Data Analyst
Heather Goode – HMIS Data Analyst
Linda Ly – HMIS Data Analyst
Armando Salazar – HMIS Data Analyst
Diana Taylor – HMIS Data Analyst
Michaela Simmons – HMIS Data Support Specialist

Public Affairs

Michelle Murphy – Senior Director, Public Affairs
Yvette White – Program Specialist


Ann Truxaw Ramirez – Chief Development Officer,
Tami R. Thompson – Vice President, Development,
Mike Olson – Director, Major Gifts
Jessica Garrity – Associate Director, Development
Emma Poisson – Development Specialist
Gaby Mulder – Events Manager
Camryn Wood – Events Coordinator

Angely Vallarta – Director, Corporate Engagement
Adriana Cardenas – Senior Manager, Corporate Engagement
Kat Laurin – Manager, Corporate Engagement
Darius Chriss – Manager, Corporate Engagement
Mark Polonskiy – Manager, Corporate Engagement
Christine Tran – Corporate Engagement Coordinator

Kendra Blinde- Senior Manager, Grants Manager
Belisa Davis- Grants and Contracts


Chris Ticknor – Chief Transformation Officer,
Stephanie Kupanoff – Senior Director of Marketing
Jessica Hinostroza – Associate Director, Digital Marketing
Vivian Kennaday – Senior Marketing Manager
Erik Del Cid – Marketing Manager
Christine Le – Marketing Coordinator
Alison Thalhammer – Copywriter

Bo Bonanni- Director, Community Collaboration

Livi Kerszenbaum – Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Doug McKay – Champion of Service
Alex Garcia- Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Quinn Pham -Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

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