Poverty is more complex than a shortfall in income. It is about the series of circumstances, choices and opportunities—both missed and taken—that amount to a cycle of instability and hardship, which in turn, affects our greater community. However, we can turn that around. By providing the resources necessary to obtain stable incomes for local families, we can ensure stronger outcomes for our community. 

Helping Orange County’s most underserved population find secure financial footing makes sense for all of us. As individuals and families become more stable, the infrastructure of our community will improve, because when more people have access to tools like employment training, financial literacy services and a path to decent jobs that pay living wages, the more these individuals and their families are able to contribute to Orange County’s economic growth and to realize their full potential.

We are mobilizing the community through Orange County United Way’s Community Impact Fund to support the following strategic approaches:

  • Financial literacy programs that directly increase the financial literacy of low-income families and individuals and encourage asset building/retention through financial education and linkages to mainstream financial resources and services.
  • Workforce development programs that directly increase or provide employment opportunities for low-income individuals through job skill development, placement, and/or employment retention services.
  • Orange County United Way’s Income initiative:

Free Tax Prep Campaign

Bank On Orange County

Financial Literacy Program

SparkPoint OC

Please stand with us to:

Fund job training, financial stability and literacy programs through countywide initiatives and collaborations
Advocate for tools for responsible budgeting, access to critical financial services to build family assets, and job training that aligns with local job sectors
Collaborate with OCUW to cut the percentage of financial unstable families by 25% by 2024
Educate local families about the importance of financial stability as a part of our Income Coalition

Invest today in family financial stability and see your money make a difference tomorrow—for the betterment of our children, our economy, our community and ourselves. 


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