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Low paying jobs, combined with low-skilled workers, are key contributors to ongoing generational poverty, affecting workers today and future generations.

Without access to training for higher paying jobs that have greater prospects for growth and career development, individuals and families struggling with the cost of living here in Orange County cannot move out of poverty.

Family-Sustaining Wages

Everyone wins when families make livable wages and employers have access to workers that are educated and more economically self-sufficient. When we connect workers to career pathways in industries that are hiring, we refuel the local economy, ensuring families can reach their potential for a successful life and higher standard of living.

That’s why Orange County United Way directs and invests in innovative programs that demonstrate successful job training and placement in higher-wage earning industries. These are jobs with higher paying wages and career paths—paths that will provide family-sustaining wages, and ultimately, financial stability for our lower income OC residents.

Access To Higher Paying Jobs

Our focus on workforce development programs ensures that unemployed or underemployed adults have access and training to local job and career opportunities. Our Workforce Development initiatives:


Although I am a college graduate, I found myself without a job. I attended an Employment Readiness Program, where the workshops equipped me with a refined resume, gave me confidence in interviewing skills, and a renewed appreciation for my real-world experience...I found the best job I have ever had with an opportunity to build my career.


Help Tip

Participate in our quarterly Days of Caring to work with individuals seeking jobs

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