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Huntington Beach Group Joins Forces To Fight Anti-Asian Hate With Benefit Concert

Huntington Beach group joins forces to fight anti-Asian hate with benefit concert

Matt Szabo, Daily Pilot
The six letters were written by airplane about 11,000 feet above Huntington Beach on Friday.

Kien Nguyen looked overhead and smiled.

“No Hate,” the letters spelled out against the bright blue sky.

That’s a goal for the Fountain Valley resident, 76, who is a grandmother of six. Nguyen said she paid for the skywriting herself to send that message.

“I’m not working now, I’m retired, but I still have a little bit of my savings,” she said. “I can do it.”

The gesture is a symbol of the local Asian American community‘s effort to go beyond just words to try to stop anti-Asian hate speech and violence.

The skywriting came at the end of a news conference at Whale Spa Salon Furniture in Huntington Beach. Local volunteer group Nailing It for America, co-founded by Kien Nguyen’s son Tam, announced it is joining Thuy Nga Productions to present a global benefit concert online.

The concert, designed to combat hatred against Asians, will be broadcast in coordination with Vietface TV from 5 to 8 p.m. Pacific on April 24. All proceeds will go to fight anti-Asian rhetoric and violence, as well as provide services for vulnerable community members through the Orange County United Way.

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