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FACE 2024


In 2014, Orange County United Way launched FACE 2024, a 10-year collaborative, communitywide action plan to create a positive future for the next generation of our residents. As you read on, you’ll see what FACE stands for—and our four-point plan to achieve our meaningful goals.

FACE 2024 is focused on long-term solutions to the most critical challenges facing Orange County children and families. To create a stronger community with healthy families, everyone must have access to a quality Education, a sustainable Income, better Health and stable Housing—the building blocks for a good quality of life.

FACE 2024 sets the strategy to move the needle on the issues confronting our community, thereby transforming the lives of our children and families by:

Funding innovative programs that support community-wide goals
Advocating for the voiceless to ensure policy and program improvement
Collaborating with those who have the passion, expertise and resources to drive change
Educating businesses, community leaders and the public on critical local issues

The scope of our issues in Orange County may surprise you. When we began our planning process we discovered that:

  • 4,000 of our students drop out of high school each year
  • One in four of our residents live in poverty
  • One-third of our children are overweight or obese
  • 30,000 of our children are homeless or housing-insecure

The good news is these challenges are reversible—but not without help.

United Goals for a Stronger Community

By 2024, working as a united community, we are laser focused on four specific goals:

  • Education: Cut the High School dropout rate in half
  • Income: Reduce the percentage of financially unstable families by 25%
  • Health: Increase the number of healthy children by one-third
  • Housing: Cut the number of homeless and housing insecure children in half

Re-writing The Story For Children and Families

At United Way we strive to ensure that every child has the chance for a good life. It’s a win/win—good for our children and a smart investment for the community.

If a child grows up in an unstable family, is unhealthy and doesn’t get a good education, chances are he or she will struggle through life—and likely rely on social services. If healthy, stably housed, better educated and, healthy, our kids will grow up more self-sufficient and able to contribute to the community in many positive ways.

Education, Income, Health & Housing—all of these are pivot points for our children and none can be accomplished without all of them being addressed.

Orange County’s FACE2024 Report Community Snapshot: T-Minus 9 Years …

Read our first annual FACE2024 progress report, which included highlights of our work to bring about significant change.

Become a Change Agent by Investing in Your Community

In 2014, Orange County United Way helped change the story for 293,052 people in our community. That’s because when you give to United Way, your investment stays here and works in our community to address the most pressing issues we face. And we not only meet today’s needs, we are working on solutions for lasting change—to change the FACE of Orange County.

You can Give, Advocate, or Volunteer – best of all, do all three! Thanks for Living United.

Visit areas of interest to you—Education, Income, Health, Housing—and express your passion to make a difference by donating today.

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