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Farming for Fitness: New Farm Sites Aim to Help Fight Childhood Obesity

Farming For Fitness: New Farm Sites Aim To Help Fight Childhood Obesity

As part of our effort to increase the number of healthy youth in Orange County by 1/3 between now and 2024, we recently celebrated the ribbon cutting of a locally-installed hydroponic and aquaponic farming system at Heritage Museum.

In collaboration with OC Food Bank, and through Community Action Partnership of Orange County, this is one of four farm sites that will provide produce to income and food-insecure populations so that more local residents can have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Karen Ross

Karen Ross, Secretary of Food and Agriculture in California

“In California, we’re focused on nutrition to help every person reach their full potential,” said Karen Ross, Secretary of Food and Agriculture for the state during the Heritage Museum ribbon cutting ceremony. “Every California resident should have access to healthy, safe California-grown food, and the State of Food and Agriculture has become a partner with local food banks throughout California to double contributions of farm fresh produce for local residents.”

Through our partnership, we have been able to support the expansion of the County’s infrastructure of healthy food provision for families and communities to increase access to reliable sources. These farm sites—which eventually could expand to families’ backyards or balconies, as well as school and community gardens—offer a cost-effective and resource-mindful approach to farming, utilizing water conservation systems to be more environmentally sound. Whether its kale or carrots, examples of available produce range from leafy dark greens to fruits high in antioxidants, and are all locally maintained to ensure freshness.

While we work to enhance the health and wellness of our vibrant community, learn more about our Health initiative and how you can get involved by visiting unitedwayoc.org/health. Live healthy; LIVE UNITED.

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