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Support Early Literacy with just $15: #BOOKS4OCKIDS

Support Early Literacy With Just $15: #BOOKS4OCKIDS

The season of giving is upon us. We give to our spouses. Our children. Our pets. Our parents. Our siblings. Our friends. Our coworkers. Our neighbors. We give to those that serve us and our families in some capacity. Our teachers. Our gardeners. Our mail carriers. We’ve checked all the boxes and have given gifts to everyone in our immediate circle. But how about those outside our circle? How about giving back to children living in our community, in our own backyard?

Orange County United Way offers an easy way to make a difference in the lives of local children : #BOOKS4OCKIDS. It’s simple and straightforward:

When you give just $15, THREE books will be given to elementary school children in need.

Reading aloud is a critical component to early literacy which leads to success in both school and one’s professional career. Any contribution we can make towards childhood literacy can boost a child’s life as well as our community as a whole.

Just think about it for a moment. A gift of simply $15 can make a profound impact on a child’s life. What if you were to reallocate the money regularly spent on various items, just once, towards this inspired effort? Think of the possibilities:

  • Prepare and bring your lunch to work instead of eating out at a restaurant and spend the lunch hour walking outside instead
  • Forego two grande lattes and make your own coffee concoction for free at home or in the office
  • Skip that extra scarf or pair of earrings you don’t really need
  • Can’t think of a holiday gift for that family member or friend that has everything? Donate to #BOOKS4OCKIDS in their name instead
  • Watch a movie at home instead of going out to the movies. It’s cozier and you can wear pajamas!
  • Cook a meal with a loved one and skip just one fancy dinner out
  • Save money on your electric bill by turning lights off in rooms you aren’t using
  • Instead of spending money on holiday cards/postage, consider sending out e-cards. You’ll save money AND trees!
  • Do you really need that overpriced delivery pizza? Stick with a wholesome homemade sandwich and have a picnic in front of the fireplace.

The scenarios are endless. We’ve raised just over $4,000 so far but we are aiming for a total of $25,000 by December 31. Help us achieve our ambitious goal and give today.

Learn more how you can make an impact on a child’s life in our community: /books4ockids



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