Over the past 2 years, our Childhood Obesity Initiative has made significant strides in improving the health of Orange County’s youth. However, we have found in order to effectuate change, we must advocate and invest our resources towards systems change to improve school environments via our Healthy Schools Initiative.

The Healthy Schools Initiative is an evidence-based effort that utilizes the collective impact framework to empower schools in promoting the health and well-being of their community to reach their optimal potential.

This endeavor is a collaboration between partners from various sectors of the community, including, but not limited to, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Orange County Department of Education; as well as school districts and non-profit organizations.

Barriers Our Children Face

  • Access to healthy food at home and at school
  • Access to safe places to play such as parks and/or outdoor and indoor recreational spaces
  • High disparity between family income and cost of living
  • Unstable housing and/or access to affordable housing
  • Access to preventative and primary health care services

Drink More Water

Hydration stations are awarded to schools by Orange County United Way to encourage students to make smart choices and drink more water. Providing access to purified, temperature-regulated water gives students a great-tasting and healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages.

The amount of water consumed each day plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body and improving cognitive function. Research further confirms that students perform better in school when they are emotionally and physically healthy.