Despite the stereotype, the majority of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, are families living doubled or tripled up, in cars or motels. The reasons are many, but the most significant is that Orange County is one of our nation’s most expensive places to live. Too many families simply cannot afford the high cost of housing.

For homeless children, the lack of stable housing affects their health, education and well-being.

As part of our FACE 2024 initiative, we’ve helped introduce an important new tool in Orange County’s efforts to end homelessness: Rapid Re-Housing.

Stable Housing is Life Changing

Rapid Re-Housing is a model that works well in placing families experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. As an integral part of Orange County housing programs, it’s designed to support families getting back on their feet, so they can take care of themselves, their families and be more self-sufficient. The outcomes are encouraging:

  • Minimizes the amount of time an individual or family spends homeless
  • Rapidly helps families stabilize in their own housing
  • Helps prevent future homelessness
  • Lower costs per household than other interventions
  • Decreased homelessness in communities
  • Individuals and families have better outcomes if they spend more time in permanent housing

What’s Different About Rapid Re-Housing?

Traditional homeless services usually require a move into transitional housing, with participation in programs to make them “ready for housing.” Rapid Re-Housing focuses on assisting our displaced neighbors move more quickly into permanent home environments—with appropriate services and support—minimizing the time they spend in shelters or on the street.

Not only do the individual families gain from permanent supportive housing through this vital program, our entire community benefits through a more stable workforce, reduced need for public assistance as well as lower school absenteeism.

A Home for Good: How Rapid Re-Housing Works

There are three core components of Rapid Re-Housing: housing identification, rent and housing assistance (financial), and case management and services.

See for yourself! “Home for Good”


Latasha – Rapid Rehousing

First she left an abusive marriage, then lost her job. Latasha, a single mother with three children, was struggling with depression and homelessness. Determined to overcome tough times, she joined a United Way Rapid Re-Housing program and found a new home, allowing her to support a happy household with children doing well in school.

— Latasha