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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Orange County United Way to help our community FACE 2024.

With the help of our community partners, we are energized by the results of our FACE 2024 initiatives to date. This is truly our moment to work even closer together to change the lives of children, families and individuals in our community, rewriting the future of Orange County.

Our Grant Making Process

With the rollout of our FACE 2024 community-wide action plan, Orange County United Way has instituted a grant making process to identify and support leading community programs and initiatives aligned with the plan’s bold 10-year goals in the areas of Education, Income, Health and Housing. This process is ongoing and fluid.

Our Orange County Emergency Food and Shelter Program – Phase 36 Application

The Orange County Emergency Food & Shelter Program (OC EFSP) received $1,112,385 to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in the county. Local agencies are encouraged to apply but must meet all of the criteria in order to receive funding.

Click here to download the full legal Notice of Funds Available.

The OC EFSP Board has set the priorities for this funding in the following order:

  1. Food – Agency Food Distribution
  2. Food – Distribution of Food Certificates
  3. Food – Food Bank, Food Purchases
  4. Mass Feeding by Agency
  5. Mass Shelter – Emergency Shelter
  6. Shelter – Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  7. Utility Assistance

Other requirements are included in the application packet. Qualifying agencies are urged to apply. Public or private voluntary agencies interested in applying for EFSP funds must:

  1. Applications will be available on July 19, 2019 – Click Here to access
  2. The deadline for application submission is 12:00 P.M. August 19, 2019.
  3. Contact Jeff Dronkers with any questions, OCEFSP Board Administrator at:
    – Orange County United Way, 18012 Mitchell South, Irvine, CA, 92614
  4. Late applications will not be accepted, reviewed or scored and will be deemed ineligible for EFSP Phase 36 funding. Incomplete applications and/or incomplete, incorrect or missing application attachments will not be reviewed or scored and will be deemed ineligible for EFSP Phase 36 funding.

By working together, we can make sure every child has access to the building blocks for a good quality of life: Education, Income, Health and Housing. Each one is consistently interconnected. Without one essential building block, the others will topple. Together we can ensure that Orange County is ready to FACE 2024.

Success Stories

We are proud to partner with United Way as we tackle some of the toughest issues that impact our communities. Through our collective effort we leverage resources, align our expertise, and apply laser focus to increasing our effect on those who need us most.

Robert Santana

Working Together On Our Shared Goals

For more information about United Way’s FACE 2024 grant making processgrants for nonprofits, community grants, education, income, health and housing grants please contact

Carol Kim, Manager of Grants and Evaluation at 949.263.6121 or via email to learn more

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