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Be the Hero: Change a Child’s Life

 For Madisyn it was hard to go to school not knowing where she would go home for the night. YOU can make a difference in the lives of families like Madisyn’s.

I am joining United Way to change lives of more children like Madisyn in Orange County! Yes, I want to make a financial contribution.

Meet Madisyn

Madisyn’s story is all too familiar for thousands of kids and their families that walk a financial tightrope and live on the edge of homelessness. Faced with dropping out of high school to get a job, Madisyn’s journey takes a positive turn.

Thanks to people like YOU, Madisyn has big plans for a brighter future.

Impact of Your Donation

Any amount you can donate helps us create a stronger and healthier community. Here are a few examples of where we put your gift to work:

$20/month*: Provides early grade reading programs to 2 children to build language and literacy skills

$40/month*: Gives 2 job seekers the training to get and keep good jobs

$80/month*: Provides 200 families with fresh, healthy food

$480/month*: Ensures 2 families on the brink of homelessness can get into permanent housing

*Based on monthly contributions for one year.

Spread the Word

Share with your friends & family. Together we will give more local children and families a fighting chance!


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