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Be the Hero: Change a Mother’s Life

Full time jobs, a house, and kids. Often busy lives result in not living a healthy lifestyle. That’s what happened to Patty & her family. One-third of OC children are overweight or obese. YOU can make a difference in the lives of local families like Patty’s.

I am joining United Way to change lives of more parents like Patty in Orange County! Yes, I want to make a financial contribution.

Meet Patty

Currently, one-third of our local children are still overweight or obese. Parents play a lead role in fighting childhood obesity. Local healthy programs help parents and their kids improve their lives. First Patty took control of her health, then she brought healthy habits into her home. Today her family is sharing cooking, meals and fun activities and they’re closer than ever.

Thanks to people like YOU, today Patty is the ultimate health advocate fighting to end childhood obesity.

Impact of Your Donation

Any amount you can donate helps us create a stronger and healthier community. Here are a few examples of where we put your gift to work:

$20/month*: Provides early grade reading programs to 2 children to build language and literacy skills

$40/month*: Gives 2 job seekers the training to get and keep good jobs

$80/month*: Provides 200 families with fresh, healthy food

$480/month*: Ensures 2 families on the brink of homelessness can get into permanent housing

*Based on monthly contributions for one year.

Spread the Word

Share with your friends & family. Together we will give more local children and families a fighting chance!


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