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Put your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program into every employee’s hands.

Successful workplace giving and volunteering programs have been linked to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and better recruiting success. But these programs can be challenging to manage and implement. From vetting nonprofits and managing payroll deductions to coordinating volunteer opportunities, tracking hours and measuring social impact, CSR programs can be a nightmare.

United Way has solved this problem.

We offer an easy-to-use, digital social impact platform that transforms the way businesses and employees get the most out of their philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropy Cloud solves what has traditionally been a burdensome and complex administration process while elevating your CSR efforts. It allows your employees to engage with causes, connect with nonprofits, track volunteer hours, manage donations, and measure social impact — all while aligning with your Corporate Social Responsibility plan and goals.



Philanthropy Cloud is a technology platform that inspires, connects and empowers social change. It is a complete employee engagement solution with all the features, content, and services your company needs to engage your employees. 

Offering a connected marketplace for giving, it has the ability to set year-round workplace giving goals, track donations and volunteer opportunities, and log volunteer hours – for every employee.  It makes employee and workplace giving easier and more transparent.


  • It makes employee engagement dramatically easier, more efficient, and more effective.
  • It helps companies streamline, modernize, and expand existing corporate social responsibility activities and programs.
  • It makes employee engagement and social impact measurement easier.
  • Its technology outpaces the competition, solving what has traditionally been a burdensome and complex administration process.


  • It gives employees a sense of ownership by enabling them to lead and drive their desired activities and contributions to the philanthropic causes they support.
  • It leverages technology to simplify and personalize their experience.
  • It enriches their knowledge through a recommendation engine, powered by Einstein, a Salesforce embedded and proprietary AI technology.
  • It provides a personalized homepage listing their causes of interest.
  • It shows an activity dashboard detailing their donation and volunteering history.
  • It offers 24-hour digital connectivity through desktop and mobile access, empowering employees to make real and sustained impact in their community at their convenience.


What will using Philanthropy Cloud be like for employees?

People are attached at the hip, hand, and head to their phones, that’s why Philanthropy Cloud provides a 360-degree view of an individual’s social impact footprint from any device. With Salesforce Einstein AI technology, Philanthropy Cloud can intelligently sift through millions of opportunities, helping employees discover the most personally-meaningful ways to give back. Philanthropy Cloud will also include revolutionary portable profiles, which means a user’s social impact history is not tied to just one company, it moves and evolves with their career path.

Is a Philanthropy Cloud profile connected to the company or the individual user?

Both! Philanthropy Cloud will feature portable profiles. Users will be able to take their Philanthropy Cloud profiles with them when they leave their employer, continue giving and engaging as individual users, then connect their account to a new employer in the future. Users will be able to access their full giving history but companies will only be able to see activity from each person during their time of employment. The profiles will leave a footprint, so companies can see the social impact former employees had at their previous employer.

Is a team or specialist needed to implement Philanthropy Cloud?

Philanthropy Cloud is a simple and intuitive network that requires minimum configuration and is built to help align your employee’s values with your corporate social responsibility goals. You don’t need to hire an entire team to manage your corporate philanthropy programs. Now you can have a network that connects, streamlines, and transforms your CSR program’s administrative processes. With tools like automated reporting and personalized giving recommendations for employees, your staff will have more time to focus on what matters most – how your company is changing the world. Also, know that you always have the support and guidance of United Way, the experts in workplace giving.

Does a company currently need to be using Salesforce to implement Philanthropy Cloud?

No, you do not need to be using Salesforce CRM to implement Philanthropy Cloud. Today, any company can purchase Philanthropy Cloud.


If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a demo of this exciting new employee engagement platform, please fill out the form below or call us at 949.263.6133.

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