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Help OC families in need during the COVID-19 crisis

The Lyons-Smith Family Foundation is generously providing a dollar for dollar match during this campaign, up to $500,000 – so donate today and double your impact.

As California continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, we are seeing dire consequences here in Orange County. The public health crisis is causing immediate concerns for all, but the effects of California’s Stay at Home order has resulted in many members of our community losing their jobs or having their work hours severely reduced. This affects their ability to pay rent, or acquire food for their family.

These vulnerable families need our help during this crisis to ensure they are able to maintain their homes, stay healthy, and not fall into homelessness. After all, no one should have to choose between paying rent or food.

Donate to the OC Family to Family Campaign

To ensure we can all help Orange County families who need help quickly, we are launching the OC Family to Family Campaign as part of our Pandemic Relief Fund.

OC Family to Family Campaign lets you directly help a vulnerable family. This means 100% of your gift from your family will go to help a vulnerable Orange County family to pay for essentials so that they don’t fall into homelessness and they can stay safe and healthy.

Your gift will be immediately put toward a $500 emergency debit card and given to a family needing help with rent, food, or utilities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Of course, you could put in $500 yourself – or even connect with extended family members or friends to pool together $500 – to sponsor a full $500 emergency debit card to help a family in need.

During this time of crisis and the requirements of social distancing, we can still come together as a community and help lift up our most vulnerable.

*All terms of this program are subject to change

OC Family to Family Campaign Kit

Help us spread the word with your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, everyone! 🙂

Download & print the flyer to share it!

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