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In our busy world, even though we all would like to help kids learn how to read more, carving out the time sometimes doesn’t fit with our schedules.

We have an answer that may surprise you. In just 30 minutes once a week, without ever leaving your desk, using only a telephone and internet connection, you can help an at-risk student learn to read.

Online Tutoring reading partners report they thoroughly enjoy the experience of tutoring online as a United Way volunteer 30 minutes a week. At the end of each week they feel good about doing something useful for their community. By inspiring kids to read using online tutoring, they help at-risk students thrive, making a difference in the life of a young student and helping promote success in school.


Registration is now closed. To be added to the interest list for the 2019/2020 school year, please contact Kristine Peters via email.

Online Tutoring — How It Works

United Way’s online tutoring program provides a flexible, convenient, highly rewarding and deeply impactful way for professionals to connect with a student and contribute to their love for reading—without ever leaving your place of work.

  • New tutors will go through a self-paced e-Learning system. Returning tutors will be offered a similar eLearning training option.
  • No experience is needed—easy-to-use software walks you through each session, and ongoing support is provided.
  • Tutors choose their weekly, 30-minute tutoring time, and complete their session right from their desk.
  • Students and tutors read stories and play word games that encourage fluency, comprehension, phonics and spelling skills.

Making Reading To Kids Fun For Adults

Some students aren’t being read to at home, and some students don’t have anyone to read with them. So to have someone calling them and taking time with them is something they appreciate. And they don’t take their eyes off the computer screen because they’re just so excited. When the time is up they’re so looking forward to the next call.

Ashley Hobson

TutorMate is a great way for working individuals to give back to the community and help children grow, learn how to read and feel confident about themselves. I thought this was a great opportunity to do that, and also give back to the community.

Brian Kirchner

The pride you see in their faces, and that they express over phone, at being able to accomplish reading a story or winning a game of Tic-Tac-Toe is so heartwarming.

Diane Sciacca

Contact Us

To learn more, contact Kristine Peters via email.

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