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We at Orange County United Way want to say a big thank you to all our pandemic relief donors. Helping our most vulnerable OC neighbors — whether through preventing homelessness via our OC Family to Family Campaign, providing critical personal protective equipment (PPE) and meals for frontline workers through the Nailing It For Health Care Workers initiative, or supporting essential community infrastructure and at-risk communities by directly donating to the Pandemic Relief Fund — you are the strength of all our efforts to assist those in need during the health crisis.


Pandemic Relief Fund Major Donors

$1,000 – $24,999

In alphabetical order.

  • Adam and Rochelle Karr
  • Alan Ewalt
  • Annie Stoeckmann
  • AT&T
  • Behr Paint Company
  • Bill & Kathryn Rooklidge
  • Bill & Kelly Campbell
  • California Antiques Senior Hockey League Inc.
  • Catherine Drees
  • Chahira Solh
  • Chris and Tina Norton
  • Christopher and Felice McGrath
  • Clayton Friedman
  • Comerica
  • Correia Consulting Design
  • Curci Fund
  • DADA Family
  • Daniel A. Sasse and Anne M. Brafford
  • Darryl and Karla Button
  • David Stone
  • Deloitte
  • Dennis Paquette
  • Donna Hansen
  • Douglas Wilson
  • Edward Matching for Lan Nguyen
  • Edward Matching for Mark Downie
  • Eileen Padberg
  • Ellen Gordon
  • Erin Schwarz
  • Erin Schwarz
  • Fluor Corporation
  • FM Global Los Angeles
  • Gabriel Steffens
  • Gene and Rose Mergelmeyer
  • Greg McKhann
  • Gregory Burden and Sherri Bovino, Owl Foundation
  • Gregory Custer
  • Ha Duong
  • Harlan and Susan Arita
  • Jacqueline and Robert Akerblom
  • Jim Scheinkman and Cindy Eden
  • John and Renee Simonis
  • John Valenta
  • Jordan Nguyen (Shamik) Nguyen
  • Karen and Scott Sherman
  • Kien Nguyen
  • Kristen Allison
  • Kristen Allison
  • Lan Nguyen
  • Lawrence R. and Sandra C. Armstrong
  • Lisa and Mark Locklear
  • Madeleine and Tim Clyde
  • Mark and Kathleen Costa
  • Mark and Laurie Henigan
  • Mark Ward & Melinda Williams
  • Marsha and Kevin Jennings
  • Masco Corp (Brasstech Inc.)
  • Max and Artyn Gardner
  • Mayumi Allison
  • Mei Sung
  • Michael Ray
  • Michael Zeller
  • Michele D. Johnson
  • Minh Nguyen
  • Mseafood Corp
  • Nisha Verma
  • Olivier Civelli
  • Peter Hitch
  • Pinner Construction
  • Randy and Anne Moore
  • Rao and Rani Varanasi
  • Rao and Rani Varanasi
  • Returning Home Foundation
  • Rob Landry
  • Robert McBride
  • Scott Ullem
  • Sherri Bovino
  • Shirley and Steve Quackenbush
  • Sinan Kanatsiz
  • Smartlink
  • Stacey Von Berg
  • Steve and Cinda Churm
  • Steven Mihaylo and Lois Mihaylo
  • Suzanne Fradette
  • Tam and Linh Nguyen, Advance Beauty College
  • Temple Beth Sholom
  • Terry Theologides and Deb Rodriguez
  • Terry Theologides and Deb Rodriguez
  • Thaddeus Kopacki
  • The Alcon Foundation
  • The Nguyen Families, Advance Beauty College
  • The OC Marathon
  • The Vivrette Family
  • Theodore and Lusiana Chang
  • Therese DeGroot
  • Thomas and Bonnie Abate
  • UPS West Region
  • Veronica Gray
  • Victoria and David Collins
  • Viet Pham
  • William and Carolyn Beaver
  • Winifred Rhodes
  • 3M
  • … And 27 Anonymous donors


Please make a donation to our Pandemic Relief Fund GoFundMe page. Or, if you have any questions, please contact Tami Thompson, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, at 949.263.6163 or via email.

What Orange County United Way Donors Need to Know about The CARES Act.

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