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Megan Truong
La Quinta High School

“The YCC program provided me with many resources and opportunities to be able to present myself in the best way possible for employers.
This internship gives me a look into the many different possibilities of jobs at hospitals and will provide me with a jumpstart on college admissions compared to my peers.”

Jack Nguyen
La Quinta High School

“The YCC program has helped prepare me by helping me develop the skills I need in the workforce such as communication and collaboration. The program also helped me in the interview process and resume construction which I can apply to my future career choices. This internship will help me in the future by allowing me to learn and be a part of a work environment so that I may be adequately prepared to join the workforce in the near future.”

Sally Trieu
La Quinta High School

“Thanks to the workshops and the YCC program and the internship, I am able to gain more knowledge about the medical field. Also, gain more confidence and connections in the future. This will help me pursue my dreams of wanting to help improve the health of people in my community to help create a better world.”

Katrina Sam
La Quinta High School

“Youth Career Connections has given me tools to collaborate with others and to learn under a mentor at CHOC.”

Thun Phan
La Quinta High School

“The mentors, teachers, and employees who I have conversed with are all people that I can connect with in order to learn about new professional opportunities. My mentor and teachers have especially taught me lessons that I will always remember; most notably, they have encouraged me to never give up on my career goals and to always keep pursuing new and interesting opportunities, no matter how difficult or different they may seem.”

Katilyn Nguyen
La Quinta High School

“This YCC Program has helped me manage my time in between different tasks, which I believe is an essential skill required for any field. This will be very important in the future because when I start working real time, I will be required to communicate with my co-workers and work efficiently and effectively with different assignments that may overlap one another.”

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