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Miguel Miranda
Rancho Alamitos High School

“The YCC program has helped me develop many soft skills that are looked for and valued in the work force. This internship will help me be set apart from many other candidates when applying for jobs or colleges and it will also help me further develop skills I will need in life.”

Trinh Nguyen
Rancho Alamitos High School

“The YCC program helped me learn how a company works, experience the workforce environment. This internship will help me stand out in college apps and jobs in the future.”

Steven Huynh
La Quinta High School

“YCC program has helped me by providing me with invaluable work experience. This will jumpstart my future career and will help me become prepared for the workforce. And because of this, it will give me the confidence to potentially pursue future careers. These future, desirable, careers, will be attainable because I have work experience and valuable work skills such as time management, business communications, and researching skills.”

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