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Brennon Schulte
Rancho Alamitos High School

“This internship is helping me gain work experience and build my resume to make me more competitive in the workforce.”

My Vo
Los Amigos High School

“United Way has helped me to develop my skill, they helped me prepare for the internship as long as the work place in my future. Been though a few workshops and mock interview, I noticed that involves and understands the working field is really important for us. United Way gave us an opportunity to explore what is working would looks like when we graduated college and finding a job at companies or businesses. This also helps us easily to get a job we want when we already have experience in this internship. Thank you United Way!.”

Tung Nguyen
La Quinta High School

“My ultimate career goal would be to become an IT manager of my own technological company. Having this internship would allow me to have my first experience in a work environment where I can set small-scale goals for myself to build up towards my larger goal of owning my own company one day.”

Alexa Wright
La Quinta High School

“This internship has allowed me to gain a better understanding of what my potential college majors are. Additionally, I feel that I have gained computer networking skills that will be of great value to me future jobs or personal projects. Although I have been given a massive challenge to overcome by the end of these four weeks, I feel that this internship has allowed me to work in a field that I enjoy, and has overall made me feel much happier.”

Cristian Salinas
Santiago High School

“If it hadn’t been for YCC, I would have never found out about how it really is to work in a job like L3.”

Cristian Morales
Los Amigos High School

“YCC has helped me prepare for a job or intern by allowing me to participate in a program where they helped me prepare and help fix my resume and how to interview with a mock trial. Also help me intern with L3. This intern will help me be prepared in how to do a intern because i know that when I go into a College or University the will make me require to be into a Intern.”

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