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“It’s empowering to have someone I can count on and learn from—especially as a first generation student. The e-Mentoring Program helped me to keep going and not give up. Especially during my second semester—there were lots of decisions I had to make about college and money was something I had to consider—it got to me. The program reinforced the idea that I can do it and I should continue forward because my community is cheering me on.”

Isabel - E-Mentorship Program - United For Student Success

“My parents don’t want me to struggle the way they did—they never got the chance to go to college. I would like to thank my mentor for teaching me new things and Youth Career Connections for giving me this opportunity because it was really important to me.”

Mayleen - Youth Career Connections - United For Student Success

“[Destination Graduation] gave me the confidence to say I am worthy of college and college is for me. My career goal is to become a high school teacher and help low-income communities through financial literacy.”

“I feel like before this program, I was very lost and didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how to start the college application process. After attending workshops, I learned about the application process, the differences between UC, CSU and private universities, and the types of financial aid to pay for college. Thank you so much for this program.”

“I’m first-generation high school graduate, so that’s really scary for me. Destination Graduation provided insight on what to expect when applying to college and universities, scholarships, and the paths we can take. I really appreciated this program”

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