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“What I get out of volunteering for VITA is the great feeling I get from helping people. I definitely plan on continuing with our VITA program next year and with our upcoming extended season. I actually got my sister involved in the VITA program. She found a location near her and started volunteering last year. I would tell someone who is interested in being a VITA volunteer that it is a terrific program that helps many people. It is well run and a very rewarding volunteer opportunity. ” — Linda

“I have volunteered for 3 seasons and plan to continue as long as the program continues. Our group of volunteers has become over the years a very close group and we all enjoy each other company as we work to help others. It seems many of us now have found our niche and we work beautifully together. Why do I do it? Certainly, I selfishly get satisfaction from being able to help someone who needs assistance. And knowing I help someone feels good. Volunteering in a nutshell.” — Leslie

Hats off to Jorge and Caesar!   This duo may be unsung heroes as data checkers but their roles are vital. When IRS-certified volunteers prepare a tax return, the return is submitted to the data checker whose sole purpose is to review and assure the accuracy of the data sources. When this process is complete, it is submitted to the Quality Reviewer for the tax application evaluation. The result– fewer submission errors making the process even smoother for the valued clients we serve.

Jorge And Cesar, VITA Volunteers
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