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Food Pantry Powered by United Way Offers Help and Hope for Mother and Son

Food Pantry Powered By United Way Offers Help And Hope For Mother And Son

A debilitating back injury left Emma, a single mother whose son has severe autism, unable to work.

She collects a small pension but makes hard choices each month to cover her bills.

To avoid healthcare costs for her son’s condition, Emma cares for him herself. Her small amount of funds cover her rent, and leftover cash is put toward other expenses.

With such limited resources, the ability to put nutritious food on the table is an extraordinary feat for Emma and her son.

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It’s thanks to a mobile food pantry powered by Orange County United Way visiting her neighborhood that Emma can regularly pack bags full of fresh fruits, vegetables and ingredients to make healthy meals.

“We get good, fresh produce that my son really likes, and compassionate help and hugs from the caring and thoughtful volunteers,” Emma said. “I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have this assistance, and I’m thankful to not have to worry about getting food for us.”

Through its Healthy Food Provision program, Orange County United Way addresses food insecurity in Orange County by distributing food to needy families, offering affordable and healthy food options directly to the community.

With one in six children in Orange County at risk of going hungry every day, the mobile food pantry has never been in more need.

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To help in the important effort, Wells Fargo awarded United Way with a $173,600 grant to support the Healthy Food Provision program and increase accessibility of healthy foods for low-income individuals and families in Orange County.

The funding provides more than 40 percent of the annual budget needed to operate the program and serve hundreds of thousands in need.

Schools and community gardens also combat food scarcity by feeding residents while empowering them to be self-sufficient. The program also redistributes excess food from restaurants.

In this year alone, United Way has committed to providing more than 1.6 million pounds of nutritious produce and food options and serving 688,000 individuals in need.


Orange County United Way is addressing food insecurity with sustainable food distribution programs and mobile food pantries that bring affordable, quality, fresh food to those who need it most. With the help of numerous partners like Wells Fargo, the Healthy Food Provision program increases accessibility of healthy foods for low-income individuals and families in Orange County. Are you ready to do more to fight food insecurity in Orange County?

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