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SparkPoint OC Helps Families Find Financial Stability

SparkPoint OC Helps Families Find Financial Stability

Family and friends cheered on the participants of SparkPoint OC as they graduated from United Way’s SparkPoint OC in Schools programs at Paul Revere Elementary and Salk Elementary.

For some, it was the first graduation they had ever been a part of symbolizing a step towards a brighter future. The 65 SparkPoint OC in Schools’ participants saved a collective $25,796 and reduced their debt by $47,550.

SparkPoint OC is Orange County United Way’s one-stop financial empowerment centers that help hard-working low-income residents gain free access to personal financial coaching and resources here in Orange County.


SparkPoint OC graduate at Paul Revere Elementary

The graduation events were a time for their families to hear about the hard work and dedication these individuals put into making financial stability a reality.

Through this program, Orange County United Way is improving family financial stability through job training and financial education giving determined residents the tools they need to thrive and break the cycle of poverty.

1 in 3 households in California struggle to meet basic needs [1]. There’s a huge need for programs, like SparkPoint OC, to help families create step-by-step personal finance plans to tackle their specific needs.

With the support of one-on-one financial coaching, SparkPoint OC helps establish attainable goal-setting plans to increase income, manage credit, and build assets and savings.


SparkPoint OC graduate at Salk Elementary

For example, one individual didn’t have a job, a savings account, or stable transportation when she enrolled in SparkPoint OC. After only three months, she was able to secure a job, purchase a car and save $2,000!

Another individual was able to increase her credit score, build her savings and work towards owning a home after completing the SparkPoint OC program.


SparkPoint OC Graduation at Salk Elementary

By providing access to a full range of free financial resources and coaches, hard-working, low-income families now have a path to escape financial hardship and attain self-sufficiency.

SparkPoint OC is just one of the programs Orange County United Way has launched to support its FACE 2024 goal of reducing the percentage of financially unstable families by 25% by 2024.

Check out the SparkPoint OC graduation photos!

Help Families Find Financial Stability

[1] Source: United Ways of California’s 2018 statewide report – Struggling to Stay Afloat: The Real Cost Measure

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