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Building Better Learning Environments via the Women’s Philanthropy Fund

Building Better Learning Environments Via The Women’s Philanthropy Fund

Thanks to a grant from Women United’s Women’s Philanthropy Fund, hundreds of students at Paul Revere Elementary School will now have access to flexible seating.

We all do it! We wiggle… we woggle… we tap our foot. It is human to fidget while concentrating. So why should an elementary school student sit still at their desk. Well… they shouldn’t! That is where flexible seating comes in.

With flexible seating, the classroom is arranged to give a variety of options. Students might choose a location based on how they are feeling that day or what project they are working on. Flexible seating options can include low tables, couches, a cushion or rug on the floor, clipboards, tray tables, beanbag chairs, exercise balls, wheeled chairs, standing desks, and more. Children need to move. Research shows that flexible seating allows them to wobble, rock, bounce, lean or stand, which increases oxygen flow to the brain, blood flow, and core strength. In turn, this burns more calories and increases metabolism. It also helps keep young minds more alert and focused.

My students immediately noticed the new seats and love having seating options in my classroom. I feel that when my students have flexible seating options they are more likely to focus on what they are reading or working on in my class. Thank you so much for the new seats! We love them! —Mrs. Shaffer, Teacher at Paul Revere Elementary School

This is just one of the many ways that Women United members empower students to reach their academic potential through the Women’s Philanthropy Fund. From the power of choice, to increased physical health, to building a sense of community and resiliency, each gift made to the Women’s Philanthropy Fund creates a powerful impact.

Women United is a diverse and influential affinity group comprised of local women who actively engage in philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy in support of Orange County United Way’s mission to improve lives for everyone in our community. Women United members increase their impact through the Women’s Philanthropy Fund, which helps at-risk OC women and their families build toward self-sufficient lives.

To learn more about Women United or to donate to the Women’s Philanthropy Fund, please contact Tami Thompson at TamiT@UnitedWayOC.org or 949.263.6163

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