Food for Thought: United Way’s Healthy Food Provisions Program Gives Much-Needed Help

Mobile Food Pantry

For more than 20 years, Misty looked forward to heading to work every day. As a psychologist working closely with special education students, Misty enjoyed interacting with and making a difference in the lives of young students eager to learn and grow.

Now over 60, retired and living on a fixed income, Misty says she still uses her skills connecting and engaging with friends, family and neighbors, she just doesn’t get paid for them these days.

Each year without fail, Misty’s Orange County rent increases by 6%. While her housing costs rise, her fixed income does not.

To bridge the gap and stretch her budget, Misty often eats less or reaches for less-expensive, unhealthy food choices to avoid going hungry. The ability to put nutritious food on the table has become harder and harder.

Thanks to a mobile food pantry, powered by Orange County United Way’s Healthy Food Provision program, Misty no longer has to wonder if she will go hungry or if she will have the luxury to make healthy choices.

Twice each month, a mobile food pantry visits the local senior center in Misty’s community. She and other low-income seniors pack reusable bags full of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats – all completely free of charge.

“I hope the people who support [this healthy food program] understand what this food means for others, and for me,” said Misty. “It has been a godsend.”

United Way’s Healthy Food Provision program addresses food insecurity in Orange County by distributing food to needy individuals and families, offering affordable and healthy food options directly to the community.

To help in the important effort, Wells Fargo awarded United Way with a $173,600 grant to support the Healthy Food Provision program and increase accessibility of healthy foods for low-income individuals and families in Orange County.

In this year alone, United Way has committed to providing more than 1.6 million pounds of nutritious produce and food options and serving 688,000 individuals in need.


Orange County United Way is addressing food insecurity with sustainable food distribution programs and mobile food pantries that bring affordable, quality, fresh food to those who need it most. With the help of numerous partners like Wells Fargo, the Healthy Food Provision program increases accessibility of healthy foods for low-income seniors, individuals and families in Orange County. Are you ready to do more to fight food insecurity in Orange County?

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