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Chargers And Orange County United Way Celebrate Character Playbook

Chargers and Orange County United Way Celebrate Character Playbook

By Hayley Elwood / Los Angeles Chargers News

Originally published in Los Angeles Chargers News.

The cheers that echoed through Warner Middle School in Westminster, Calif. could likely be heard from down the street as on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Chargers and Orange County United Way celebrated the one-year anniversary launch of Character Playbook.

Powered by EVERFI, Character Playbook is an in-school digital program that teaches students the importance of having good character. The NFL, Chargers and Orange County United Way teamed up to bring Character Playbook to 13 schools throughout Orange County for the first time during the 2017-2018 school year, reaching nearly 4,500 students.

“It was incredible, and it couldn’t have gone any better,” Tiffany Harville, Principal of Warner Middle School said. “Our kids have been working on Character Playbook all year, so to see it all come together and see the players being so supportive (made) our kids super excited.”

“I think this opportunity to partner with the Los Angeles Chargers is amazing because we are able to partner and help schools and students get engaged,” added Sue Parks, CEO Orange County United Way. “You see their excitement when the players were out there, and the players were amazing! I loved it; the answers they gave and their interactions with the students. It was so meaningful and it’s going to have a lasting impact in their lives.”

Chargers players Rayshawn JenkinsJustin Jackson and Anthony Lanier joined Parks in a very special “character chat,” where students broke off into small groups to analyze various scenarios on understanding and managing emotions. Later on, they had a full school assembly where each player spoke on how having good character has impacted their own lives.

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