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Orange County United Way Acquires 2-1-1 Orange County

Orange County United Way Acquires 2-1-1 Orange County

Service transition to expand reach in connecting residents to community-based programs

Irvine, CA (July 11, 2023) – Orange County United Way announced today that it has acquired 2-1-1 Orange County (211OC) effective July 1, 2023. This move will expand the scale and impact of 211OC’s critical work by combining efforts under Orange County United Way’s leadership.

“It is an honor to build on the important work of 211OC and establish a path forward that will enhance and grow this essential service to the community, ” said Susan B. Parks, President and CEO of Orange County United Way. “At Orange County United Way, our mission is to improve lives in our community, and we are committed to strengthening 211OC well into the future.”

211OC provides confidential referrals and resources to residents searching for free or low-cost social services, including housing, food assistance, and other resources offered by local nonprofits and government agencies. When dialing “211”, community members are linked to a live, highly trained Information & Referral Specialist who helps them navigate their individual situation by assessing needs and matching them to the most appropriate resources in the community. Assistance is offered in more than 206 languages.

This work is expected to grow and reach further into the community with the backing of Orange County United Way’s network of staff, volunteers, supporters and partner agencies. Many counties throughout California and the United States already employ this model, to the mutual success of both their local United Way and 211.

“The integration of 211OC into Orange County United Way will be a major step forward in providing critical housing, food, employment and crisis assistance and resources to those in need in our community,” said Steve Churm, immediate past-chair of the Orange County United Way Board of Directors. “Our organization is uniquely positioned to expand the scale and impact of this life-changing service and we are committed to enhancing its efficiency, effectiveness and broad reach in the months and years to come for all who call Orange County home.”

The two organizations collaborated closely to align the teams and resources in preparation for the July 1 acquisition. This included the hiring of 211OC staff who were eligible to become employees of Orange County United Way, as well as an advisory role for 211OC’s President and CEO, Karen Williams. The teams also integrated operational resources without interruption, including communications and digital tools.

“The Board of Directors of 211OC is very excited about the possibilities offered by Orange County United Way,” said Janice Genevro, PhD, MSW, Chair of the 211OC Board. “211OC has helped thousands of our Orange County neighbors connect with needed services over the past four decades. Our mission and Orange County United Way’s mission are closely aligned, and we share a vision for meeting the needs of county residents with love, compassion, and community. Stronger together, Orange County United Way with 211OC will continue to lead efforts to use technology to provide better care, coordinate service delivery, and support the work of community-based agencies.”

To learn more about 211OC, visit 211oc.org.

To learn more about Orange County United Way, visit unitedwayoc.org.


Orange County United Way is committed to breaking barriers and improving lives for everyone who lives here. Through our key initiatives—United for Student Success℠, United for Financial Security℠, and United to End Homelessness℠—we are working to ensure local students succeed, struggling OC families gain financial security, and our homeless neighbors find a place to call home. We step up to actively address the critical issues facing our community and we go the extra mile to make sure our residents have the support they need. We are committed to caring for one another. That’s #TheOCWay.

To learn more or discover how you can help, visit UnitedWayOC.org.

Orange County United Way is a standalone, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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