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United To End Homelessness To Hold Virtual Events For Hunger And Homelessness Awareness Week

United to End Homelessness to hold virtual events for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

By Ben Brazil, Staff Writer, L.A. Times

Originally published in the L.A. Times.

United to End Homelessness will host community discussions with industry experts to educate the public as part of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week from Nov. 15 to 22.

The discussions will include a series of talks on veteran homelessness and what service providers and property owners are doing to help people stay housed during the coronavirus pandemic, among other topics.

United to End Homelessness is also launching a social media campaign called “Essential,” which focuses on how essential a permanent home is to solving homelessness.

The organization is providing a social media kit for people to take part in the campaign and help spread awareness.

“During COVID, the word ‘essential’ and essential workers is something that really came to the forefront of our collective thinking,” said Becks Heyhoe, executive director of United to End Homelessness.

“Unfortunately, one of the areas that we feel didn’t quite get highlighted was the role of the frontline workers who are working to address homelessness in our community as essential workers.

“We’ll be taking this week to look at things that are essential when it comes to addressing homelessness, and also using this week as an opportunity to celebrate and thank those who work in the homelessness industry here in Orange County.”

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