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Race for Fitness in Orange County Schools

Race For Fitness In Orange County Schools

Did you know? … not one of the schools in Orange County are on the list of America’s Healthiest Schools. United Way’s Healthy Schools Initiative is working to change that. We partner with schools all over our community to promote healthy eating, active lifestyles and policy changes that support a beneficial learning environment.

As part of the physical activity component, we got together with the Auto Club of Southern California, our corporate partner and winner of our 2017 Dimensions in Giving Award, to host a day of active play for the 700 students at Robert M. Pyles Elementary School in Stanton. Most of the students in the community are from low-income families with limited access to nutritious meals and sports programs. Being able to engage the whole school was a rewarding experience for the volunteers, and the kids were able to see how easy it is to get moving.

The children ran to stations to do jumping jacks and squat jumps. At the end, each student received a “license” – a ticket to view the race car brought on campus – and an active toy generously donated by the Auto Club. This fun event built muscles, lifted spirits and brought big smiles to the kids and Auto Club volunteers.

A big THANK YOU to the Auto Club and the employees for partnering with us to affect change in our community. Learn more about how you can get involved with our programs.

If you would like to help this initiative and other health programs, please consider making a financial contribution.

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